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Kapuk Muara, North Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia


We strive to provide excellent tutoring services for our clients while empowering and helping the people around us. TiA Tutoring Center Jakarta specialized in providing English language and BIPA (Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers) tutoring in-person and online. Besides, we also provide tutoring services for all subjects for Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, and Senior High school students who need assistance and learning partners in their studies.

Our tutors are students and graduates from reputable universities in Indonesia with good academic records. They are qualified based on student’s request and needs – we will match and find the right tutors for our clients.

The tutoring services that we provide will be adjusted based on students’ need and purposes, either you are Indonesians/non-native speakers who want to learn and improve your English, expatriates who want to learn Bahasa Indonesia for specific purposes, or parents who are looking for tutors for their children.

TiA stands for Tutoring is Accelerating which means we always strive to ensure that the tutoring services we provide can be one of the tools that will help our students in accelerating their learning progress.

In addition, we can also provide other services, such as: English-Indonesian Interpreting & Translating services, Home-Style Indonesian Cooking Class, Customized Tour in Jakarta, and Personal Assistant Services.

We started our organization for more than just the profit, but also we would like to empower the people around us. Alongside, we commit to donate percentage of profits regularly to help the community around us. We wish that our organization will keep expanding and can give back to good causes.


  • Our tutors are students and graduates from reputable universities in Indonesia (State University of Jakarta, University of Indonesia, Padjajaran University, etc)
  • Qualified tutors with good academic record (e.g. GPA above 3.0/4.0)
  • Customized lessons – the lessons will be tailored based on your needs.
  • Flexible schedule and place for lessons
  • We will be happy to help with your studies anytime; have any questions outside the class? Feel free to ask your tutor!
  • Additional programs that can support your studies
  • We match tutors based on student’s needs
  • Tutoring / progress report for parents
Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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