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2 Chome-2-5 Hanakawado, Taito City, Tokyo, Japan


Our school aims to be a Japanese language school that can contribute to the community. We have lively student exchange meetings with Asakusa Elementary School and Ishihama Elementary School near our school, and every year we participate in the Sanja Festival, which is one of the three major festivals in Tokyo, and carry a portable shrine (portable shrine) in good spirits.

It is located in Asakusa, one of Tokyo’s leading tourist destinations, where you can feel Japanese culture close to you. Sensoji Temple and Sumida River are right next to the school, and famous Asakusa such as the cherry blossom viewing of the summit cherry blossom trees, the Sanja Matsuri, the Sumida River Fireworks Festival, and Yabusame shooting arrows from horses. You can feel free to visit various events. Rickshaws and sumo wrestlers come and go in the city on a daily basis, creating a nice atmosphere. In addition, the majesty of the new famous Sky Tree can be seen from the school on the opposite bank of the Sumida River.

 The enrollment period is four times a year. Those who are eligible to enroll in Tokyo Riverside Academy are those who have completed 12 years or more of regular school education in a foreign country, and the enrollment period is April, July, October. , January, and there are 1 to 2 year courses.

The flow of application is as follows: First, the applicant or his / her agent submits the admission application / application documents to Tokyo Riverside Gakuen and asks them to pay the selection fee to the designated account. After checking the application documents at our school, apply for the issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau. When the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau issues a Certificate of Eligibility, we will contact the applicant / agent, and if we can confirm the payment of tuition fees, we will send the Certificate of Eligibility to the applicant / agent. ..

When you receive the Certificate of Eligibility, submit the Certificate of Eligibility at each Japanese embassy or consulate and apply for a visa. If you do not have a passport, you should apply for one before applying for a visa. Once the visa is issued, you will enter Japan and enroll in our school.

  • Application for admission
  • Resume
  • Diploma (original) or graduation certificate of the final school
  • Transcript of the last school
  • Certificate of enrollment and certificate of graduation (if you are still in school)
  • China Higher Education Educational Background Examination Report (University Graduate)
    (National High School Student Information and Employment Guidance Center )
  • High School Grade Certification Report (Ordinary High School Graduates)
    (Faculty of Education Bachelor’s Degree and Research Student Education Development Center )
  • 6 photos (4 x 3 cm)
  • Japanese language learning certificate (learned for 150 hours or more)
  • Certificate of employment and certificate of reinstatement
  • Copy of passport (if any)
Expense supporter (when the expense supporter lives in the home country)
  • Expense support
  • Certificate of deposit balance in the name of the expense supporter
    (Long-term time deposit equivalent to 2 million yen or more in Japanese yen. RMB or other currency is also possible)
  • Supporter The business of the company where you work. Copy of copy and employment certificate Revenue certificate
  • Individual tax payment certificate if the supporter is a sole proprietor or a company representative
  • Certificate of kinship
  • Family list
Expense supporter (when the expense supporter lives in Japan)
  • Expense support
  • Certificate of deposit balance in the name of the expense supporter
  • Certificate of employment at the supporter’s place of employment
  • Tax certificate for the past 3 years
  • Resident’s card (Japanese nationality), Alien registration card entry certificate (foreign nationality)
  • Certificate of kinship
  • Family list
Students enrolling in our school are asked to do the following.
  • Students should study hard.
  • Observe the school rules.
  • When there is no special reason (serious illness, accident, etc.), do not be absent late and make an effort to attend 100%.
  • Do not delinquent tuition fees.
  • When postponing the visa period, a certificate of enrollment, transcript, and attendance rate certificate are required as documents on the school side, but those with particularly poor grades and those with poor attendance may not be able to postpone.
  • If you violate Japanese law or do not follow the school rules and violate the student’s duties, you may be expelled from school.


Students with good attendance and grades have a chance
Students with good attendance and grades will be screened and a scholarship of 30,000 yen will be issued monthly by the Japanese government for one year.
You can also apply for a monthly scholarship reservation of 30,000 yen for excellent students for one year after entering university.
Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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