Founded in 1998, Tomato Art School is an International Art Program that provides one of the best Art courses in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Mr. Shin Don Cheol, graduate of Korea’s No.1 University- Seoul National University, established an art school for students of all ages after settling down in Jakarta. Originally, the school was centered towards the Korean community in Jakarta. But with a high number of students accepted to World’s best universities, the school grew rapidly opening up a new chapter for International students living in Jakarta to prepare strong portfolios for universities.

Our program seeks to develop and strengthen creative skills, build self-esteem and self-expression, and develop individuality as single artists from each students.

ONLINE Art Classes

Kindergarten & Elementary School ( 5-12 years old)

For kids from 5-12 years old, we focus to help developing their imagination skills, as well as building basic skills in art drawing/painting- definitely in a FUN, ENJOYABLE way! We believe that our kids will be the creative future leaders who appreciate cultural and artistic values.

  • Imagination Drawing (Creativity)
  • Reference Drawing (Still-life skills)
  • Multimedia Crafts (Creativity)

Imaginative Drawing (Creativity) focuses on helping develop the students’ imagination skills. Every class we assign a topic for kids, and let them create their own version of a complete artwork using their own creativity.

Reference Drawing (Still-life skills) mainly starts at grade 4, and focuses on building basic technical skills in art (drawing/painting) and observation ability. Skills include pencil shading and watercolor techniques.

Multimedia Crafts involves 3D making, using craft materials to build an artwork. Often using clay, paper, and recycled materials. With the limitations of online classes, we deal with basic materials only available at home.

Middle & High school ( 13- 18 years old)

During middle/ high school stage, students begin to search for their interest in career path. Whether they want to be an artist, designer, or pursue in the art market, it is important to establish a good foundation in art.

Once enrolled, students will receive tutorials and guidance from the teachers starting with basic drawing exercises. The drawing process take patience and endurance, but students will only be able to develop their observational and technical skills by practicing consistently.

  1. Basic Drawing: Shapes, forms Pencil on paper
  2. Intermediate Drawing: Still-life Pencil on paper
  3. Basic Painting: Still-life watercolor on paper
  4. Advanced Drawing: Still-life + portraits + torso Pencil on paper
  5. Intermediate Painting: Still-life + portraits + scenaries watercolor on paper

Portfolio Preparation

This class is targeted for students who seek to build up strong portfolios for applying to international universities. Generally every student will need upto 15 quality artworks for a single portfolio layout, depending on their targeted universities. This is not an easy process, and students need to have built a standard amount of basic knowledge on drawing and painting before jumping into portfolio preparation. After detailed discussion with the teacher, each student will go through his/her portfolio process according to his/her own pace and artistic abilities to bring out the maximum.

 <Basic Overview>

  1. Brainstorming Ideas: Concept making
  2. Developing Ideas + Artist Research + finding references
  3. Experiments using materials
  4. Producing Final Artwork


Tomato Art School provides hobby class for small groups of people, whether you are beginner or more advanced, who enjoy drawing and painting in a more relaxed way. The class takes place during morning hours, and starts when 3 or more members are gathered.


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