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TSoft provides the full version of database management system(CamSchool) for school, institute or part time center to manage on student information, student payment, student search, student registration, student attendant, student certificate, student score, school van service, unpaid student, teacher management, course for study, course price, classroom management, student  list. It is easy to use and fast system. Users can search needed reports in a second. The system has been researched and tested carefully in order to design for Cambodian education institution from Kindergarten to Grade 12. It is also support for foreign language center that provide full time or part time class. The system will help the school to perform fast, easy and effective management with few staffs that can save time and resources. We are glade to provide the best solution which your school needs. The following table describes the brief functions of the System:

The main features:

I. Security

Set up the current profile of school such logo, address of the school, contact number and other setup. Create and assign right for users for each module. Too to backup database to cloud storage and restore function when the server down.

  • Branch Profile
  • Manage Group User
  • Manage User
  • Change Password
  • Log of
II. Management

The module is used to setup your default values and policy of the school by exchange rate till discount rate for outstanding.
  • Exchange Rate
  • Room Name
  • Village Price
  • Van List
  • Score & Mentions
  • Course Name
  • Discount Type
  • Discount for Outstanding
  • Public Holiday
  • Time in & Out
  • Finger Print Device
III. Student

Control the register process by storing any needed by each school such name, sex, date of birth, parent information, contact, address etc. Every student payment such school fee, van fee, uniform, food, stationary fee are recorded easily and correctly. Unpaid student will automatically alert the expired day and provide the tool to issue the informed letter. There are more tool with student such as unpaid, drop student, attendant, and cards.
  • New Register
  • New Payment
  • Payment History
  • Discount Students
  • Call & Stop Students
  • Unpaid Students
  • Student Card
  • Student & Van
  • List Student & Change Class
  • Payment List
  • Students’ Attendant

IV. Score

The number of subjects in each course are flexible to the school policy. User can set max score for each course of monthly score. The user can print draft of score list, exam list and result of students. The result is automatically generated when the user just import score to system.

  • Score Name
  • Monthly Score
  • Duration Score for Outstanding 
  • Outstanding Student
  • Graduated Certificate
V. Staff

Store the teacher background according to the school policy. It manages the deposit of new teacher, and record the teacher allowance. Fined action, salary rate tool provides easy to calculate teacher salary by different type salary policy, by hour, fix salary, paid percent in each class. Teacher attendance is collaborated with finger print device to see the punctuation of teacher and staff.
  • Information
  • Salary Rate
  • Action Rule
  • Deposit
  • Allowance
  • Ask Permission
  • Record Action
  • Monthly Payroll
  • Payroll History
  • Monitor Attendant
  • Assign Schedule
VI. Classroom

Mange the course fee, book fee, term fee, semester fee or annual fee. It allows to create different type of course and class with contains teacher, room and level. With classroom management, user can access to the student in each class to view information, score, and list of student easily.
  • Book Price
  • Class for Study
  • Class Payment
VII. Stationary
It is a kind of small stock management integrated with student payment. User can control stock in or stock out on stationary, course book, uniform, and other product with automated report of sale per day or month.
  • Stationary in Hand
  • Sale Stationary
  • Sale History
VIII. Transaction

It categorizes the kinds of income, kind of expense to calculate the net income automated report. With the tool, the user is easy to control the flow of cash in each specific period with summary report.
  • New Account
  • Record New
  • Receiveable
  • Payable
IX. Report

With above function, the system will produce the desire layout of report with flexible mode. The user can view by day, week, month or each specific period by changing the date tool. So the user can produce many kinds of reports in seconds which save times and resources. In each module, it will changeable depend on the clients policy. 
  • Monthly Report
  • School Expense
  • School Income
  • Payroll Detail
  • Payroll Bank
  • School Fee
  • Van Fee
  • Clothes Fee
  • Stock Out
  • Stock In
  • Current Stock
  • Classroom
  • New Student
  • Stop Student

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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