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Highly popular Math and Science tutor in Jurong West

Tutor Suzanne specializes in primary and secondary school math and science tuition programme, guiding student towards achieving their desired results in PSLE.

At Tutor Suzanne, we strive to impart solid skills and knowledge to our students in the simplest way possible. At the same time, we understand that kids nowadays face more stress than ever. Rather than adding more stress to them, we hope that coming to classes with us will be a form of enjoyment, where they can learn and excel in joy. 

 A popular tuition centre with a well-structured programme, top quality materials and an experienced tutor will naturally have a large class size. However, we are all aware that regardless of how effective the tools may be, there is a need for individual attention to make the programmes effective.

This is especially so for primary school students, who tend to have relatively short attention span and are less independent in their learning. Hence despite the long waiting lists, we have been insisting on a small group tuition setting to allow the tutor to monitor the progress of every student, and guide them to achieve their desired results. 

Being specialists in O’Level Math, we understand best the most common mistakes made and the difficulties students face in understanding A’Math / E’Math.

With our expertise at Arc of Math, we have developed a set of proven methodology and a structured programme to help secondary school students achieve great improvements in their results in a short period of time

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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