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Twig Learning Center is the preferred choice for A Level, IP and O Level Chemistry tuition in Singapore

Donnell was a former Raffles Institution (JC) and Meridian JC teacher. He started Twig Learning Center to offer the best A Level Chemistry Tuition and since then has produced many students with stellar results. It is the Tried and Trusted A and O Level Chemistry tuition in Singapore.

 Twig Learning Center is a premier tuition center in Singapore, specializing in A Level, O Level and IP Chemistry. Moreover, the founder is Mr Donnell Koh, an ex-lecturer from Raffles Junior College and Meridian Junior College. Comparatively with other tutors, Mr. Koh has coached thousands of students and has more than 20 years teaching experience.

We provide the best A Level, O Level and IP Chemistry tuition. 97% of students who attend our lessons have shown improvement in their results and moved on to score distinctions in their Chemistry exams. We are here to motivate and inspire students to appreciate and understand Chemistry by having lessons that are clear, interesting and engaging. Keeping in line with the curriculum, each lesson is broken down into concept explanation, followed by problem solving. You will never know what you do not know until you attend the lessons! 

His lessons focus on getting students to understand the basics and helping them to make connections among the different Chemistry topics. If they have a good grasp of these key basics. He can make connections, they will be able to solve many higher order application problems. A typical O level Chemistry tuition classroom will be on concept explanation followed by hands on practice. Students also learn through going through examples that he does with them. It’s because many students have a weak foundation that they end up struggling with Chemistry at A levels. If they can understand and solve Chemistry questions, naturally they will be motivated to do well in the subject!

Donnell’s method of teaching ensures that students understand the concepts in his classes and are able to do his carefully-selected questions. The role of the students is to be able to problem solve. How can this be achieved? Students have to do the extra questions that are given out and make homework and revision of his notes as part of their daily routine.  It cover the essence of the concepts and many application questions tested in school exams are already in there. If they can do all the questions within the notes (without looking at the answers). They will have understood all the key concepts and be able to ace the A-Level Chemistry!

As an A-Level Chemistry tutor in Singapore, Donnell strives not only to help his students get good grades. But more importantly, inspire them to discover the amazing wonders of Chemistry. Take a leap of faith and join him. It could change your life!

Ace your Chemistry exams with Twig Learning Center

In addition, there will be some pre-lesson videos to prepare you for the upcoming lessons and some post-lesson videos. We will help you to recap the important points in the lessons via Whatsapp.  After every topic there will be an online MCQ test to check on your understanding. Receive test feedback immediately.

The compilation of Chemistry guide books is a treasure trove gathered from his 16 years of teaching experience. The complete understanding of the requirements of the A Level H2 Chemistry syllabus. If you are looking for a summary book to help you, understand that the key concepts taught in the A Level H2 Chemistry to ace the exams. This is THE ONLY GUIDE you will ever need.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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