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Picon-Deed Property Consultants, ဗိုလ်ချုပ်အောင်ဆန်းလမ်း, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)


Products :

Multilingual Accounting System (MKS) Burmese Version

It supports three languages, “Japanese, English, and Burmese,” and you can easily switch the display language with a single click. It also supports basic functions such as journal entry, ledger management, and printing of financial reports, automatic calculation of foreign exchange gains and losses, fixed asset management, departmental PL, and access authority settings for each user.

Benefits :

You can directly access local accounting information, which tends to be a black box, and realize “visualization”. Realization of “visualization” leads to early detection of inconsistent data, and it is possible to prevent problems from occurring and improve data accuracy.

Multilingual Sales and Inventory Management Software (ESIM) Myanmar Language Version

ESIM is a “multilingual function” inventory and sales management software. Daily input work such as “master registration”, “arrival information input”, and “picking instruction” is performed by the local staff in Vietnamese mode (local language mode), and the Japanese staff is always the Vietnamese staff when needed. You can check the data entered by and the current stock status in Japanese mode.

Benefits :

“Significant reduction in work time” and “improvement in data reliability and accuracy” are realized, and an environment where everyone can share the same inventory information at the same time can be secured. Information can be shared in real time. ..

Multilingual Equipment Maintenance Management Software (MMF) Myanmar Language Version

You can manage the maintenance of equipment in the local language for inspection and maintenance items. The Japanese side can check the maintenance / inspection results in Japanese, and the history and search of maintenance / inspection results can also be done in Japanese.


You can prove that the inspection and maintenance work was performed at that location. It is possible to prevent mistakes that inadvertently forget regular inspection and maintenance work. You can share maintenance and inspection information in Japanese anytime, anywhere. Even if a problem occurs in the manufacturing equipment, it can be self-contained on the local side.

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