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You are now on your way to successfully Learning English in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Phnom Penh) in the most appropriate and quickest way possible. The language does not have to be a difficult language to learn if you go about it in the correct way. In fact it can be fun! We promise you that!

How to learn, speak, read and write? One of the same you would think, but how wrong you would be! In order to study the language correctly you need to understand the language in all its complexities.

Once you have made the decision to learn English in all its various forms in Cambodia you will have certain options available to you. Do you or your children attend one of the many International schools that seem to spring up every day in Phnom Penh? Of course you do, you really have no choice to a certain extent. However, like all businesses in the modern world today they need to show a profit.

Privately owned schools are no different. Classes are getting larger due to an unsurpassed demand for private education in Phnom Penh and the teachers are under increasing pressure to compensate for this; usually without any additional support from the school in question and usually without any increase in salary. No wonder there is such a high turnover of native speaking teachers at a lot of the Private Phnom Penh International schools in Cambodia; it’s hardly surprising. As you can well imagine, this is highly detrimental to a student who is under enough pressure as it is to perform well.

Do you go to group evening classes? This option sounds good in theory but when you think about it in a bit more depth this particular strategy is open to question. An average student has worked a 7 hour day or more already and then is expected to attend yet another classroom for a further 1 or 2 hours before even contemplating their homework assignments! This sounds stressful enough but once you build in the factors that this form of tuition is reliant upon cooperative learning, even workloads and matched personalities combined with strict discipline methodology it’s dubious as to whether or not this is really going to have any beneficial effect.

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