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18A Jalan Kelulut, Singapore


Utter Studio specialises in realistic drawing, acrylic painting and “out-of-the box” activities.

We offer an art class that exposes your child to multiple mediums such as Charcoal, Oil pastels, Watercolour, Acrylic painting, Llay, sculpture, Collage, Printing etc.

An art class that values the personal development (creative confidence, resilience, resourcefulness, responsibility and adaptability) of your child beyond just art works.

What can they learn?

Preschool (4-6 years old)

  • This is the age where they get imprinted and cultivate important values.
  • In art they get multiple exposure to different mediums, 2d, 3d, themes and art fundamentals.
  • Through art, they learn about creative confidence, resourcefulness, social skills, experimenting, and examining their world.

Primary level (7-9 years old)

  • Practising and mastering observation. The key to learning how to draw. They get deeper engagement with drawing exercises and master their eyes.
  • They still do a lot of mediums and different projects to allow them to practise creative problem solving and thinking outside of the box.

Primary (10-12 years old)

  • Mastering their mediums. They deepen their understanding of the mediums and also art concepts.
  • Learning what makes certain art works work. And what can they achieve with the medium they have in hand.
  • Coupled with the observation skills, they start to learn to express their own concepts and ideas

Secondary (13-15 year sold)

  • Mastery of drawing and mediums.
  • Deep dive into the mediums that they want to master.
  • Practise personal interpretation and communication of their concepts and ideas


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