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Loan Online – No face-to-face – No mortgage

VayMuon is one of Vietnam’s largest peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms. P2P platforms allow entities to obtain loans from people without first needing the financial services of a bank, thus cutting out the middleman.

Beginning in 2017 with 4 founders, VayMuon has grown to now employ 200 people across Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia. Since then the app has successfully connected 2 million borrowers with 400,000 unique lenders.

The company has been working towards popularizing paperless and high-speed loan-application processing in Vietnam. They have also started to work with a large Vietnamese payment gateway Nganluong to enter into more FinTech niches, by spreading VayMuon’s reach into e-commerce, salary loan management and supply chain financing.

Operation model

Borrowing is not a bank, not a finance company. Borrowing uses technology to connect the needs of borrowers and investors by providing borrowers with the best rates, investors with the highest returns.

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