Vientiane College

Vientiane College, Rue 23 Singha, Vientiane, Laos


Vientiane College is the premier English language school in Laos. At Vientiane College we are keenly aware of the importance of education in supporting development at personal, professional and national levels. Therefore, Vientiane College occupies a significant place in the framework of education, training and development in Laos and that responsibility is one we take seriously and are proud of.

Our students and their achievements provide consistent examples of the success of our educational model, and it is tremendously rewarding for us to have aided them in laying the groundwork that will allow them to contribute to the progress of their nation.

The strength of our commitment to development and education in Laos permeates all aspects of Vientiane College and is evident in course offerings and services, scholarship opportunities, staff recruitment and our concern for student well being.


At Vientiane College we provide original study materials, quality curricula, trained teachers and knowledgeable support staff to help make studying an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Student Counselors are available to help with challenging situations and to give advice on current and future study.


Designed for long-term, systematic development of English language and critical thinking skills.


Aims to inspire children to become confident and proficient English language users.


Extends language practice and provides the skills to succeed academically and professionally.


Courses designed to fit the specific needs of individuals and groups at all levels.


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