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Vientiane Pattana School International (VPSI Secondary), Vientiane, Laos


Vientiane Pattana School International has always been effective and successful at continually providing its students the advantage and opportunity to explore different curricular using learning styles.

Students start their education in Pre-Primary and Primary with a curriculum that makes literacy more accessible and easier to grasp.

Our Primary Department uses an American based International Programme, laced with a  tailored primary Maths program with specialist math teachers, to offer students aged 5-11 a spectrum of strong curricula to develop a foundation in numeracy, literacy, and sciences. Opportunities for inquiry learning are gradually introduced while these skills are strengthened. The VPSI Primary Maths Curriculum adopts the Cambridge system of applying the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract approach that aids pupils in achieving a deeper understanding of the key mathematical concepts they need to progress through the higher levels of the Cambridge maths program. Materials used in class are structured and spiraled to ensure a steady build-up of skills as they move from one level to another. The varying strategies employed in our curriculum not only give emphasis on developing students’ problem-solving skills and critical thinking, but also accommodate the different kinds of learners we have in our class.

At High School level, Vientiane Pattana Secondary School International is an accredited Cambridge International School and offers Cambridge International Curriculum. The Cambridge International Curriculum is an assured passport to formal and informal post-secondary education.

The Cambridge Lower Secondary is offered to Vientiane Pattana Students at ages 11-14.  This acts as an introduction to the Cambridge curriculum. This programme, although a different system to the one used in previous years, builds upon the skills introduced at Primary level with added subjects being History, ICT, Values and Ethics. Science is still Combined Sciences at this level and Maths is no longer Singaporean, but Cambridge.

The Upper Secondary is moving towards preparing our students for Cambridge International Exams.  The complete program is offered to students from ages 14-19, as three formal exams, IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) approximately at age 16; AS/A level (Advanced Level) two exams for students between the ages of 17 to 19. The entire programme is spread out into a 12 or 13 year programme.  The Sciences are no longer combined at these levels, and are offered as three separate subjects; Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

In future, we intend to introduce more technical subjects and languages that cater to students’ interests and demands.   Subjects on offer could also be replaced or phased out, depending on popularity and interest.

Vientiane Pattana School International is student inspired. The culture and the nature of the school have always been based on our student’s needs and success.


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