Vietnamese Language Studies

45 Đường Đinh Tiên Hoàng, Da Kao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS), formerly known as Saigon Vietnamese Language School for Foreigners (SVLSF), was established in 1994 by Dr. Vo Xuan Trang as one of the very first Vietnamese language institutions in Ho Chi Minh City.

VLS specializes in teaching Vietnamese language and culture to students from all around the world. We take pride in having successfully trained thousands of students and partnered with multiple organizations and businesses for the past 25 years. Our success is owed to our belief in the continuous investment in the quality of our teaching methodology, course curricula and classroom infrastructure.


Dynamic Vietnamese

The Join-in courses are strategically formulated based on pronunciation, practical vocabulary, and conversational language patterns needed for you to have a firm understanding of Vietnamese word and grammar structures, and successfully survive and thrive in everyday scenarios. Throughout the courses, speaking and listening skills are strongly emphasized in each lecture and exercise. They aim to build a firm foundation of Vietnamese language and provide initial insight into Vietnamese culture, preparing you for more advanced courses.

Business Vietnamese Program

Business Vietnamese Program is an extensive four-level sequence—Join in, Connect, Share and Like Family—that covers a variety of topics, targeting students at different proficiency levels. Each preceding course builds a strong foundation of linguistic skills and cultural comprehension for the next course. Selected lessons and practices will focus on helping you broaden your industry specific vocabulary and colloquial business jargon, and enhance your cross-cultural communication skills needed to effectively conduct business transactions and day-to-day operational responsibilities. Each lesson is also carefully articulated to help you communicate at work and incorporate your cultural knowledge into management and other daily-life situations.

Survival Vietnamese

This intensive foundation course is strategically formulated based on pronunciation, practical vocabulary, and conversational language patterns needed for you to confidently and successfully survive in everyday scenarios. It will also prepare you to be both Vietnamese language proficient and culturally ready for more advanced courses.

Culture Mentality

Consisted of 6 hours of in-class lectures and 4 hours of field trips, the Vietnamese Culture and Mentality course focuses on the structural elements of Vietnamese culture. Carefully articulated lesson plans will show you how Vietnamese culture is developed and expressed through history, traditions, religions, family structure, social values, arts, literature, etc. You will be equipped with an adept Vietnamese cultural knowledge and experience, adding to your cultural intelligence which is relevant for embracing and prospering in a new and dynamic culture.

Vietnamese Pronunciation

This ten-hour streamlined course is structured to provide you with a complete introduction to Vietnamese pronunciation. Throughout this course, you will progressively learn about Vietnamese phonetics and their specific functions to pronounce words and articulate your speech more accurately and naturally, minimizing misunderstandings that come from word mispronunciation and misuse. In addition to comprehensive pronunciation practices, you will also learn useful vocabulary and expressions used in daily conversations.

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