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“Singapore tops OECD’s global education ranking in Math and Science”  

The stellar performances by Singapore students in Math has been the envy of the world.  The highly effective teaching approach of Singapore Math has inspired many countries to adopted the teaching approach and making inroads into schools all over the world.

​We are proud Singaporeans presenting Singapore Math The Six Sigma Way.  We re-engineer the problem solving methodology to facilitate teaching in order to help students effectively learn and achieve Six Sigma results consistently.

You see, methods like guess and check and many others can cause massive misery to your child, as lengthy, time-consuming and tedious workings tend to tire out and confuse your child and may lead to incorrect answer. Unfortunately, those methods exhaust too much time and leave very little time for the remaining questions. The lack of time usually lead to anxiety, and in a hurry, questions that your child can normally solve become difficult. Things fall apart as mental fatigue sets in and your child fall prey to careless mistakes.

Imagine your child having history repeating itself, being mentally exhausted, running out of time to complete the exam, and breaking down in exam as his confidence nose-dive in upcoming assessments.

Worry no more.  We have 6σFAST, being Fast, Accurate, Systematic and Target-Driven tools and techniques, reengineered by a MENSA member cum CFA and a Six Sigma Black Belt, formulated to help your child overcome the confusion and achieve significant improvement.

In preparation for the new academic year, let’s start by encouraging your child to pencil the following New Year resolution : –

We are going to achieve significant improvements, by using the fastest and sharpest problem-solving tools that I can systematically learn and execute with speed and accuracy.

So what’s next? Action! Quickly call us   for a workshop to witness your child’s experiencing the gratification of solving challenging questions using a few of the methods in our 6σFAST toolset.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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