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VNPT E-Learning now has over 5.2 million student accounts

Just 1 day after students in provinces and cities across the country had to cancel schooling to prevent Covid-19 pandemic, VNPT launched the VNPT E-Learning in Archimedes (Ha Noi) Primary and Secondary school and several others in Ha Noi. To this day, hundreds of schools with millions of students all over the nation have used this app as an online educational tool in this period of epidemic.

Up to now, VnEdu – VNPT’s educational ecology has supplied over 63 provinces and cities with 35,000 schools. Besides, the online training solution VNPT E-Learning has also been delivered to 11,524 schools with 425,119 teacher accounts, 5,204,335 student accounts and 313,823 lessons.

The supporting and developing teams all over the country are the reasons behind VNPT E-Learning’s popularity. This advantage has quickly helped numerous schools in provinces and cities to successfully approach and operate VNPT E-Learning recently. VNPT E-Learning has also become the first online educational system to help schools sustain training, learning as well as guarantee the time and the training program during this period when students have to stop going to school for the sake of the common fight against the disease. With an organized and sufficient set of the Ministry of Education’s contents for students from primary school to university, VNPT is a vivid virtual classroom that confers benefits to both students and teachers, aiding the schools’ minimization in the price of document, notebooks and syllabus.

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