Vocal from Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy

214 Pasteur, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


The Vocal Department at SMPAA gives students not only vocal knowledge and techniques but also special skills: sensitivity, expressivity, confidence and the ability to connect and interact with others. With the SMPAA vocal pedagogy, students will be able to approach the subject from a scientific perspective with an analysis of the accompanying physical feelings associated with producing vocal sound. Simultaneous work with these two factors will help students understand their own particular vocal production and improve their technique after each session.


– Rock&Pop and Classical singing

– Building a foundtation of techniques from basic to advanced levels (with the aim of musical expression)

– The curriculum includes and balances both Vietnamese and international repertoires.

– Study and perform a variety of different musical styles and genres

– Building confidence and communication skills in class and community.

– Developing performance skills


Beginner Level

Acquire knowledge and accomplish basic techniques:

– Vocal placement

– Vocal bridge (passagio)

– Breath management

– Pronunciation

– Musicality

Intermediate Level

– Acquire all knowledge and skills of Beginner level

– Building a unified sound through-out vocal range

– Study and perform a variety of musical genres

– Building and developing musical expression

Advanced Level

– Acquire all knkowledge and skills of Intermediate level

– Vocal ability shows a great connectivity to sound with advanced level techniques that requires a period of training

– Demonstrate the ability to connect different musical elements, including genres, character and communication

– Demonstrate the ability to connect with the audience through technical and performance space control

*Acquire international qualifications (Trinity, ABRSM)

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