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This course focuses on teaching students a thorough understanding of sound techniques. How to sing because it’s in the key, can sing up and down, practice breathing properly Solving vocal problems and applying techniques to songs correctly  It’s a singing course designed just for you. by teachers who have experience teaching professional artists  with a lesson plan that is specific to the student’s purpose so that learners can benefit from learning as much as possible. Whether you’re singing for love or for a contest and audition preparation.   Prepare for Trinity University entrance exams or sing songs for events.

Grammy Vocal Studio has some of the country’s leading teachers with both teaching and acting experience and are regularly trained to maintain the best quality and effective teaching.

Our vocal program focuses on developing one’s singing talent to its full potential. We personalized the lessons plan according to each students’ vocal problems and musical styles. With these specialized curriculums, we helped our students grow both technically and musically. This program is suitable for everyone from the professional level to beginners. We have a team of highly respected voice teachers with a wide variety of musical experiences to help guide you in your singing journey with us. Our teachers are trained and evaluated periodically to maintain high quality of teaching.

About our singing technique This technique will train the singer to have a beautiful voice and be able to sing both high and low tones with the sound that is mixed (Mix) in the next sound (Bridge) is not separated from each other. sound the same We believe that if the singer is able to sing without the interference of external contractions and laryngeal constriction that interferes with the natural sound reproduction, the singer will be able to create a unique sound. yourself the best

About our singing technique We train our singers to be able to sing throughout their vocal range and maintain a beautiful sound. We believe that being a singer is like being an athlete that requires good vocal exercises to keep fit andget better. Each singer has different vocal problems that need to be addressed differently. Our singing techniques will allow the singers to produce an un-affected and natural tone that is unique in its own way.

There are 8 levels of vocal courses ranging from Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Our courses focus on students to become proficient in both the singing technique and the musical skills of a singer.

Grade 1 – 12 hour course Grade 2 – 12 hour course Grade 3 – 12 hour course Grade 4 – 12 hour course Grade 5 – 24 hour course Grade 6 – 24 hour course Grade 7 – 24 hour course Grade 8 – 24 hour course.

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