VST ECS (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (formerly The Value Systems Co., Ltd.) was established in 1988 and is currently a subsidiary of VST ECS Group. Hong Kong, the leading distributor of IT products in the Asia-Pacific region with over 35,000 distribution channels located in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

VST ECS (Thailand) operates as a distributor of IT products through 3 main business groups: Consumer, Commercial and Solutions. Under more than 40 world-class brands, it has a branch office in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar which opened in April 2014 under the name VST ECS (Myanmar) Co., Ltd. and at RATCH. Cambodian Empire Opened in May 2015 under the name of VST ECS (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. to operate enterprise systems especially.


Acting as a leading information technology company in the Asia-Pacific region which has a global business concept But there are guidelines that are truly understood at the local level. This is to drive all aspects of the company’s business to achieve maximum value, which will create the highest satisfaction for all parties involved.
• To be a leading distributor of information technology products and value-added services with a focus on building strong customer relationships
• Create sustainable business growth by acquiring new markets and business models
• Leading Offer the best IT products and services to increase the competitiveness of our customers’ businesses.

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