WAMES School of Music

19 Mayo, La Loma, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines


Since 2004, WAMES has been teaching quality music. WAMES gives a certain comfortable ambiance to students for this business is under a family working together that is why parents are at ease during music lessons.

WAMES uses their own curriculum in teaching and provides their students with books and modules made by the school. These books are studied and carefully made proven its better results compared to other methods. Though following their curriculum, WAMES gives their students a chance to learn what they want to learn – for example, songs by Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, December Avenue, Ben&Ben, Guns N Roses, Beatles and many more.

Music Lessons

Group Classes


Learn the basic techniques in playing the violin using classical method and application to popular music. Violin classes are also a training in ensemble training just like string quartets, orchestras and many more. We accept beginners and advance students.

Students must be at least 8 years old. Teens and adults are also welcome to enroll.


One of the easiest and most exciting instrument to play is already offered here in our school. Covering chords and applying strumming and plucking, for only 16 sessions, be able to learn a minimum of 4 songs and learn how to be independent in studying songs on your own.

Students must at least be 6 years old. Teens and adults are also welcome to enroll.


The most critical instrument we could ever have is our voice. What more we can do about is to be trained properly in singing to enhance our talent. Know the do’s and don’ts in singing and get tips on how to take care of our voice.

Students must at least be 5 years old. Teens and adults are also welcome to enroll.


Guitar is the most common instrument here in our country. Most of the people can learn on their own via song books, internet and many more. What we take for granted is learning the proper technique of the instrument in order for us to apply it in many genres and/or songs.

Students must at least be 8 years old. Teens and adults are also welcome to enroll.


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