Waterfun Aquatic Centre (WAC)

Bukit Batok Crescent, Waterfun Aquatic Centre Pte Ltd, Singapore


Set up in 2004, Waterfun Aquatic Centre (WAC) specializes in the teaching of pre-swimming & swimming skills to babies, preschoolers and children. With a team of dedicated professional aquatic teachers, WAC continues to serve the Singapore community and saving young lives by providing quality pre-swimming & swim programs for babies and young children.

WAC Vision & Mission

Where every child (learner) is safe & happy, in and about water; learning swimming in a fun, natural and progressive manner, and all in the hands of sincere and dedicated teachers who understand children.

The WAC Approach

We believe it is important to start swim lessons as early on as possible to water-safe your child. Singapore has too many swimming pools for you to take the chance. But we understand swim lessons can be daunting for most young children…with new environment, new faces, etc. Hence, for younger beginners, WAC adopts a structured play approach whereby pre-swimming skills such as water confidence, breath-control, floatation, immersion, submersion and simple free-style (“paddling”) are taught through holistic and developmentally appropriate teaching methods to engage our learners – through use of simple water play and movement activities, songs and rhymes, imaginative play, and suitable toys. These games and activities are repeated with variations and modifications every lesson until the essential skills are mastered with confidence by the children.

Once pre-swimming skills are mastered, children move on to learn swimming skills. This generally occurs at the stage when children are slightly older (5 years or older) and ready for a more instructional approach to lesson time (but definitely not missing out the fun & engagement). Programs from this level onwards focus on developing the swimming abilities which include both physical fitness and swim techniques and strokes. Children who complete our programs eventually will master the 4 competitive strokes with competency and be ready for more challenging aquatic skills like Life Saving and competitive swim training.

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