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My coaching is specially designed for individuals who have some experience and knowledge in particular topics but are unsure about how to package and sell your information online. I will guide and teach you on how to develop a system to start your own informational business using the models that you are most comfortable with.

Why Me

I have been teaching web design and online marketing in Singapore since 2008. It was until 2014 that I started to convert all my teaching materials into online media including blogs, books (Kindle, hard copy, ebooks) and online courses (Udemy, Skillshare, etc).

To date, I have more than 50,000+ learners (excluding people who purchase my books) enrolled in my online courses. I understand how to make people buy your knowledge. It is this system that I want to teach you and help you to expand your influence worldwide in this new economy!

I have been conducting workshops in Singapore teaching people how to set up their websites and do online marketing since 2008 but sometime in 2014, I realised that more and more people are going online (instead of going to classrooms) to learn skills. Hence, I decided to convert my training materials into online courses that same year.

Nowadays, instead of conducting physical workshops in Singapore, I have all my workshops in digital format (pre-recorded online courses) for learners from all around the world to enroll. I find that this is a better business model for me as it frees up my time and I don’t need a physical space to conduct workshops anymore.

I have experienced the tremendous positive impact of teaching online so now I want to help as many people to do what I do as well!


Online Courses (Without you having to appear onscreen)
Authority Blogs
Kindle Books

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