Wharton Student Care & Tuition Center

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To develop our children into filial and forward-looking individuals who will have healthy lifestyles, excellent academic results and positive personality traits through our daily after-school guidance and mentor ship.

Excellent Academic Result

Cultivate A Love of Learning, Foster A Good Study Habit

We supervise our students’ homework, test their spelling and conduct the tuition not only for reinforcing and consolidating the knowledge they learnt in the school, but also for promoting the development of important learning skills such as time management, self-discipline, project management etc. . To fulfill this, we keep our student–teacher ratio at maximum of 12:1 during the learning time.​

Our strategic breaks allow our students to burn off their energy before getting back to their study. Once the timer goes off, they can take a break, drink water, play games, have board games,  rope skipping or with each other play soccer ball in our secure playground. Our students are able to be concentrated as a result of reasonable arrangement. 

Our students are trained to think independently and learn how to study efficiently with our scheduled routines. ​We also guide the students on how to plan ahead for big projects which are assigned several days prior to submission and how to review test-taking strategies and practice more before examinations. Our character-building program and reading program are also helpful for the children to achieve excellent academic result.

​We deeply know how students need to feel empowered and capable. All of our teachers are well-trained on motivating techniques. What we want of our children to be one who gives their best in all they do and prides themselves for giving nothing less than their best.

Character Building

A Leadership & Happiness Essential

Children learn from repetition of practical experience. Our fun activities and simple, powerful Character Building programs will help them to develop compassion for others; express love, feelings and empathy; learn self-control; bestow respect, friendship; and resolve conflicts.

Since parents are the most powerful and influential forces in children’s lives, we encourage parents to participate in children’s character building programmes. For this reason, we have prepared Parent & Child Home Sweet Homework photocopy for parents to complete together with kids and bring back to centre.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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