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Win Japanese Language School, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)


Wyn Japanese Language School was established on January 1, 1997, with its headquarters in Yangon, Myanmar. Our school specializes in teaching Japanese to Myanmar people, and about 35,000 students have learned from the opening of the school to the present. Today, more than 800 students are studying. The features of our school are as follows.

1. Indirect teaching method (teaching Japanese in the local language) is used in combination with a thorough ability-oriented intensive course and direct teaching method (teaching Japanese in Japanese) to acquire Japanese proficiency in a short period of time. ..

2. All teachers are native Japanese, and audiovisual education that makes full use of audio equipment such as CDs and DVDs.

3. Easy-to-understand lectures using grammatical similarities between Japanese and Burmese. There are surprisingly many similarities between Japanese and Burmese, such as particles, case particles, word order, and the existence of auxiliary verbs. By using this, you will be able to learn Japanese twice as fast as other international students.

4. We hold exchange meetings, parties, trips, etc. with Japanese students and tourists living in Yangon to promote international exchange.

5. Introducing Japanese penpals and Japanese travelers so that they can actually use the Japanese they have learned.

■ Basic course (N5)
A course for beginners. Study from hiragana and study grammar and vocabulary until you can take the N5 exam.

■ Basic Conversation Course (N5)
Practice speaking while reviewing the basics you have studied. By speaking, you will surely acquire the grammar you have learned.

■ Intermediate Course ① (N4) Students
will study grammar, vocabulary, and kanji aimed at taking the N4 exam. This is a course that makes studying Japanese more interesting as you can talk with your teacher.

■ Intermediate Conversation (N4) In the
intermediate, you will study for the purpose of passing the LLPT, and in the conversation, you will practice talking with Japanese people. Aim for daily life level.

■ Pre-N3 ②Plactis (N4)
Intermediate Study grammar above. While reviewing before the exam, you can write and remember what you want to say, so you can acquire grammar firmly.

■ Pre-N3 ① (N4, former pre-advancement) Between
N4 and N3, you will study not only grammar but also “conversation,” “kanji,” and “common sense in Japan.” This is an important course for advancing to N3 and getting used to Japanese.

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