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Wing Chun is a close range martial art, which emphasises practicality and efficiency in its techniques rather than the use of brute strength.

The Singapore Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre (WCKTC) operates on a flexible training structure where students have the option to choose any day of the week from Monday to Sunday for training.

SPECIAL CLASS is catered ONLY to grading students.

Join our Trial Class to explore what you can do for yourself with this art that does not rely on Brute Force.

The traditional legacy of Wing Chun Kuen is armed with scientific concepts that push agility and reflex to the limit.

WCKTC Special Class – Acupoints (TCM)
The second series of the TCM special class is here now.

Save the date May 9, 2021 for any interested WCKTC students. Yes, this class is only valid for all WCKTC students.

Everyone, especially martial artists are either in awe or in doubt of human body acupoints. Do they work? Is that myth or science?

Well, with 5,000 years of Chinese history and philosophies and its theories, there are many records and testimonials of the marvel about Traditional Chinese Medicine. Even modern science cannot write them off.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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