WisePolyglot – We exist to coach and inspire people with essential soft skills to help them in becoming their best-self to be able to make a positive difference in their personal and professional life and in return, make a positive impact on the world we live in and those around us.

Business Development Coaching and Mentorship:

Passion-Based Entrepreneurship

Passion-Based Business Development Coaching

Digital Marketing and Branding Strategies


Team Development Training Programs:

Empathic Leadership for Effective Leaders
Progressive HR Strategies
High-performance Team Development

Positive Team Culture Cultivation
Talent Acquisition Strategies
Talent Development
Hiring the right people by being the right employer

Personal Development Coaching Programs:

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Discovering Your Passion In Life
Emotional Intelligence for Emotional Success
Effective Communication Skills & Interpersonal Skills

Problem-solving Skills
Personal Effectiveness and Proactiveness
Self-empowerment for Success
Evolving into Superman / Superwoman in Life

Life Coaching Programs:

Self Development to Bring Out Your Best-self
Dating Tips and Advice for Single Souls
Positive Parenting – Positive Parents Raise Positive Children
Stoicism for better emotional health and emotional success
Positive Mindset Development – Law of Attraction

Thai Language Success E-Coaching Programs
Innovative Thai Language Workshops

English Success For Thais.

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