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After experiencing the enormous benefits to the body and mind of yoga practice, I want everyone to practice yoga. That’s why we plan this online yoga.

Wherever you have access to the Internet. It is arranged so that you can practice in your free time.

Ms. Yutta explains the basics in detail in each box. You have to practice with well-organized videos. It is also very convenient for those who have never practiced yoga.

The first grade is set for 3 months. You can practice every day. Within 3 months of your appointment. It is arranged so that you can practice whenever you have the time.

The course fee is only 19,000 kyats for those three months. The course fee is set to be small so that everyone can practice.

All participants must start from Member Level 1 class. Pregnant women should attend Pregnancy Yoga. Participate in training from the 3rd month of pregnancy. Pregnancy at 3 months is due to pregnancy.

If you are attending a training course, first Register Page You must register at Once the registration is successful, a bank account will appear for which you have to pay the course fee. You can transfer any of these accounts to your convenience.

By practicing yoga regularly, your body will be healthy and beautiful. May you have peace of mind.


Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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