Zegha UAV

Jalan Aeromodeling IV No.55, Cisaranten Endah, Arcamanik, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40293, Indonesia


Zegha UAV (part of Division Aero) is a drone technology firm that designs and manufactures unmanned aerial vehicles for commercial applications. Its drone portfolio includes te fixed-wing Zen 2 EPO, Zen 3 EPO, Zen 6 EPO and Zen 6 Composite, and the rotary Zen Copter X4, Zen Copter X6 and Zen Copter X8. It also offers drone-enabled surveying services (both data acquisition and data analytics).

Division Aero is a company engaged in aerial photography services and sales of UAV Fixwing and Drones for aerial photo mapping and operating training. With a high level of experience, our company offers a variety of products and services related to the use of UAVs, whether for land mapping or other research needs. We have collaborated with large companies such as LAPAN, INTI, LEN, Binamarga, SDA, TNI, LIPI and several universities such as ITB, UGM, ITENAS, UNIKOM and USM Malaysia in various researches to develop UAV and DRONE. Then in the field of mapping services, we have collaborated a lot with GIS consulting companies or companies that directly use tapographic data such as mining, plantation and planning companies.

Our company is based in Bandung. The company that was founded in 1997, over time and has experts in the field of Aviation and Geodesy so that we develop to make this product perfect, ready to use and easy to operate.

Globally we research and develop sound methods to obtain optimal in-field results. The company was built on the approach of expertise and practical experience in integrating unmanned aircraft systems, electronics and based on survey and data processing needs, remote sensing.

The priorities that we give to consumers are:
   1. providing fast and efficient solutions
   2. producing the best data in air survey results
   3. local experts and domestically produced
   4. provide optimal after-sales service
   5. provide complete and practical training
   6. design and modify rides according to needs
   7. prioritize work safety

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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Zegha UAV
Develops drones and also provides drone-enabled services
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