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Six Often Overlooked Learning Management Software Features to Look For

A Learning Management Software aims to make life simpler by data centralization and utilizing online training resources. Simultaneously, it would help if you found an LMS suitable for your requirements and is within the online training budget. The article discusses six such overlooked learning management software features to look for.

  1. Social media support

Any online training course that misses the all-important social media component is not an excellent service to its corporate learners. For instance, social media groups and corporate eLearning blogs enable corporate learners to interact directly with their peers. Also, tracking tools present in an Learning Management Software can help to monitor learner participation and engagement.

  1. Customizable reporting

A majority of Learning Management Software platforms have pre-built reports. These reports include different types of metrics from completion to learner engagement rates. Yet, the LMS one eventually selects should include customizable reporting features. It enables you to concentrate on online training initiatives, which are most crucial for your organization. The Learning Management System should also feature standard LMS analytics and reports, including progress tracking and learner performance.

  1. Pre-built gamification tools

Games can make a lot of differences to any Learning Management System, and it is not an overstatement. That is because gamification can offer you the ability to inspire and motivate your corporate learners. It also leads to a wide range of advantages, including the return on investment on online training and knowledge retention. A high-quality Learning Management System should be equipped with built-in gamification tools. Some good examples would be leaderboards, points, and badges, which are appealing to the competitive nature of corporate leaders.

  1. Data migration

There is a possibility of your having quite a sizeable set of Big Data saved on your hard drive or an existing Learning Management Software. However, is it possible for you to transfer all those valuable details to the new LMS? On the other hand, an effective LMS should be able to support a wide variety of formats. Additionally, it should ensure that the process of data migration is as straightforward and straightforward as possible.

  1. Ability to access multiple platforms

Can your corporate learners access an online training module on any device? Also, can they download an online training course when there is no Internet connectivity available with them? An effective Learning Management System has to be multiplatform friendly and responsive. A master layout of an online training module can be created that can adjust automatically to accommodate the device.

Similarly, your corporate learners may get the details they require anywhere and anytime. It should not matter whether they are using the most recent smartphones or old-fashioned personal computers. At the same time, all learners should enjoy the same experience after their online training and get the same rewards.

  1. Intuitive user interface

None of the features of an LMS is useful if the user cannot use the software. As such, the LMS should possess an intuitive user interface. In simple words, the system should be simple to use and work well with your eLearning team’s talents.

So, these are some of the top Learning Management Software features to look for, which are often overlooked.

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