20 Monday

Spoken English – Module 2

Mon, Mar 20, 2023 - Wed, Apr 12, 2023 


Course Curriculum - Module 2

Kick starts your English journey from beginners to fluent English.

1.Art of introduction/Self Introduction Day

2 Degrees of comparison

3 Tenses part -2

4 Homophones, homonyms

5 Colloquial/ Compound Nouns

6 Apostrophe and Contractions

7 pronunciation, mispronounced words

8 Articulation and intonations

9 Comprehension

10 Difference between phrase, clause, sentence

11 How to avoid spelling mistakes

12 Letter Writing

13 Making sentences and speaking continuously, Antonyms synonyms

14 Speaking on a topic

15 Speaking on a topic (unprepared, Jam session)

16 Make a conversation

17 Topic-based speaking/confidence and making your point


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