selecting data science careee

5 things to check before selecting a Data Science career

Data Science has become a backbone for many industrial organizations today.  Many students are pursuing a Data Science career, to take advantage of the numerous opportunities existing in the markets. With Data Science,  we use the raw data set to gain insight or understand the trend or projections to enable management to make data-driven decisions […]

Importance of Digitalization in Education

Today, digital platforms have become an integral part of our daily routine.  Digitalization in education has revolutionized the industry in a big way. With the technologies continuing to grow and providing newer avenues for learning, it is essential for educators and students to embrace a digital form of learning in a big way by adopting […]

data science as your career

Why choose data science for your career

Looking to get a career in the field of Data Science?   YES. it is a lucrative, in-demand, progressive, futuristic, and growth-oriented technology.   So what is it that makes data science such a scorching hot field to get into? Being a Data Scientist involves having a basic skill set viz., knowledge of basic mathematics, basic statistics […]

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