An Introduction to E-Learning Platforms for Schools

When it comes to learning and collaboration, nothing beats classroom education. However, online education – which has been around for many years – is a necessary alternative to conventional learning. The novel coronavirus pandemic has reinforced the need for quality distance teaching and learning. What is an e-learning platform? E-learning is education delivered through a […]

Learning Management System

The beauty of a growing world economy gains its effect from different innovations and advancements in technology. Lately, innovations in technology have impacted the education sector significantly. The evolution of information and communications technology brought a change in the way teaching and learning are conducted, forcing institutions to develop new ways of delivering educational resources. […]

What is School Administration Software?

School administration encompasses a range of activities and involves several manual processes. Fortunately, routine administration tasks can be automated, saving your school time for strategic and revenue-generating activities. School administration software, also called a student information system, takes care of automation and offers several functionalities, easing administrators’ burden. Standard features of school administration software Student […]