Hybrid learning

Hybrid learning

Is Hybrid learning and Blended learning the same? Not really.  In fact, they are more frequently and mistakenly interchangeably used with each other and the confusion is understandably so. Both take the advantage of traditional face-to-face in-person analog learning as well as the modern virtual digital learning methods.    The difference is in the manner in […]

Rapid elearning

Rapid eLearning – Benefits and Challenges

A rapid eLearning development or rapid eLearning is the ability to generate eLearning courses quickly, with much-condensed development cycles, leveraging the power of authoring tools, without compromising on course quality and having to use complicated software and techniques.  In short, rapid eLearning is a perfect way to keep up with training your staff quickly on […]

online virtual classroom

Why create an online virtual classroom?  How effective is virtual classroom?

ELearning simply means learning that takes place through the use of technology and digital resources viz, laptop, mobile, zoom, youtube, etc. eLearning allows students, employees in training, and casual learners to participate in organized learning experiences regardless of their physical location.   With eLearning, learners can access the content from anywhere, anytime. It provides personalized content […]

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