Benefits of video based learning

Benefits of Video-Based Learning

Are you developing video-based-course content? Do you want students to notice your Video content? You should know where video-based learning is effectively deployed Video-based learning is nothing but the use of videos to provide knowledge and skill to the learners.  Videos are one of the important tools in eLearning which enables to improve the performance […]

Mobile learning and its benefits

Are you thinking to make mobile learning more engaging for learners? Known as the world’s first Smartphone, Simon Personal Communicator made its debut on November 23, 1992, which had features of a modern-day smartphone like a handheld device, personal digital assistant (PDA), touch screen cellular phone, making and receiving calls, sending and receiving faxes,  emails, […]

skill based vs knowledge based

Skill-based education Vs Knowledge-based education?   What is the difference?

“Knowledge is the pre-requisite for true skills” – By knowledge we mean the information you acquire from books, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, webinars, the internet, school/college, etc. They can be transferred from person to person.   In other words, it is a process of understanding something.   In contrast, skills refer to the ability to apply knowledge to […]

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