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Online English Tutor?   What is it?  How to become one?

An English Tutor is an English teaching professional, who works with students individually or in small groups, usually to assist the student to supplement their regular English education to acquire certifications or to help students gain firsthand knowledge of the subject.  Tutors can be hired by training institutes, or they can perform in their individual capacity as tutors either individually at home or virtually.  They provide extra support and assistance for English learners of all ages either through one-to-one or in a small group setting.  Since they offer individualized engagement with the learners; they provide a personalized learning experience.

If you wish to pursue a lucrative career in teaching, you must have a passion for teaching, get along with learners and share your knowledge, educate and develop their interests and skills and finally, prepare them to choose their career path ahead.  Interpersonal skills are traits that are often used to successfully interact and communicate with learners.

Essential skills required to become a good English tutor are:

=> Eloquent English language skills

=> Interpersonal skills

=> Leadership

=> Responsibility

=> Punctuality

=> Active listening

=> Patience

=> Empathy

=> Flexibility

=> Lesson Planning and execution

=> Teamwork etc.,

By incorporating an effective teaching strategy into your teaching process, you could have more opportunities to engage your learners in the learning process and support their academic accomplishments.  Tutors with a passion for teaching can inspire their learners to a great extent.  Such a tutor must have a robust knowledge of the course curriculum and should plan the concepts well in advance.  .  Complicated usages can be avoided and explained in a simplified manner. They can use various mediums to communicate the content of the course.  When any project work is assigned, distinct steps to address any potential concerns must be addressed.  Always stay updated with new technologies and teaching methods that can best help students to increase their knowledge reinforcements.


Are you ready to teach English in ESL and EFL classrooms?

Aspiring teachers wanting to upgrade their skills in the English language can benefit from this TEFL (CELTA) / TESOL / IELTS certification course (ie., an international teaching program for teachers that equips with innovative teaching techniques and the learning process to prepare you for international teaching career).  Successful candidates will receive a globally recognized certification that has acceptability the world over and will add value to their resumes. The demand for TEFL jobs has been growing rapidly in South East Asian Countries, China, Taiwan, and Thailand over the years. The extensive curriculums in TEFL courses prepare aspirants to become English proficient teachers as ESL or EFL teachers.   English as a Second Language (ESL) is the practice of learning English by non-natives in a country where English is widely spoken. viz., United Kingdom, USA  ie., They are mostly migrants who want to get acquainted with the English language in English speaking country, Eg., French students being taught English in the UK (ie., English Speaking Country),   whereas English as a Foreign Language (EFL)  is the practice of studying English in a country where English isn’t the dominant language viz., France, Germany. In other words, it is the study of the English language as an additional language by users of different native languages in a non-English speaking country.  Eg., Chinese students being taught English in china (ie., a non-English speaking country).   EFL/ESL teaching jobs galore in your dream destination as well as online platforms.  This program will benefit those who are  :

=> Teacher who is looking to teach abroad

=> Aspiring teacher looking to start a teaching career

=> Housewives looking to start a career in teaching.

=> People from other professions looking to switch to the teaching profession.

=> People looking to settle abroad.


How to become an Online English Teacher:

Though earning a graduation degree is not a pre-requisite for becoming an online English tutor, certifications like TEFL / TESL does help to earn a job.   In general, the following are the pre-requisites for an Online English Teacher:

  1. Finesse your English language skills: If you have a skill in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, you can probably start your career as an English tutor.
  2. Get your certification: These are courses like TESL, TEFL, and TOSEL where the certifications will help you to learn skills that are necessary to be a good teacher.  You will learn how to simplify the language and grammar for your learners, the materials used for teaching, the different methods of teaching, the different learning styles, planning the lessons, etc
  3. Design your teaching environment: You need to arrange for the resources such as a computer, an internet connection, a handset with a microphone, a webcam, teaching aids like Authoring Tools, a whiteboard, LMS, Zoom, Skype, Blogs, and Social Media, chat, etc
  4. Prepare your online profile and resume: Highlight your teaching experience, the subject area where you specialize viz poetry, novels, grammar, spoken English, and literature, etc, present role, qualifications, certifications, etc Moreover, it’s a good idea to create online profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc so that the learners can get in touch with you directly for joining a new class.
  5. Browse and apply for jobs: Hunt for jobs in the online job market and give interviews.
  6. Identify students who are interested to join your class and schedule classes accordingly: Find the most reliable and promising opportunities that will enable you to find students.

The internet has added a new dimension to the teaching profession and one of the biggest beneficiaries has been online English tutors.  Perhaps, as the classes become more assessable, more and more learners are coming forward to access the opportunity and develop their skills in the English Language.  Previously, English Teachers worldwide have been leaving their homes to make their living abroad, but now, online teaching has gained popularity and it’s worth considering this as a composite way of teaching abroad.   Teachers should be well versed in grammar, literature, phonics, novels, short stories, poetry, drama, essays, spoken English, etc.,   This gives them the benefit of sustaining themselves in a strong and competitive job market for the long run.


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