How to be a good teacher

How To Be A Good Teacher

A teacher is important in everybody’s life. We have learned many life lessons from them. We do have our favorite teachers in all levels of education that we have undergone. Have you thought of the fact what makes some teachers your favorite? How they can be favorites and good teachers for everybody?

This is because some possess certain skills and qualities that make them a good teacher. You can also become a good teacher by developing those traits and qualities within you. One has to improve their communication, empathy, students, and classroom management to become effective in teaching. This article will give you some points on “ How to be a good teacher”

1- Communication is the key factor

When I say communication, it is not necessarily your language brilliance or knowledge of English. Communication means how efficiently and easily you can transfer knowledge to students in the most understandable way.

A great communicator will adjust their communication according to the audience. You cant teach elementary students the same way you teach primary-level students. This requires a solid understanding of students’ brain levels as well as grasping power. How well you can teach students and make them understand what you are teaching is the key factor to becoming a good teacher. There is no argument that you should be equally good at the concept or the syllabus you are handling too.

2- The Students of the course

Nobody can become a good teacher without knowing their students and their caliber. As we discussed, all students are the same. Some of your students are great at grasping and some are not. You have to teach in a way that both sets of students acquire the knowledge without fail.

A great teacher is equally responsible for the knowledge, and physical and social development of the students. Showing empathy and patience is much needed. You need to develop super cool students as well as classroom management skills to effectively coordinate the classes and complete the curriculum.

3- Adaptability

As a teacher, you have to deal with various standards of the syllabus and various kinds of students. Your mental and thought ability should be adaptable and flexible to that. You have to keep a flexible mindset so that you can help those students who need extra care and time as well as help those bright students who can go beyond the standards.

Students are coming from various parental, geographical, and demographical backgrounds. Hence they do not need to show the same behavior. A good teacher should be flexible to accept and react according to that.

4- Emotional Stability

Emotional stability is most important in your teaching career. This is much needed when you start your career as a teacher. You are going to face mixed emotions, confusion, doubts, bullying among students, etc in your career. How well you can manage and rise strongly makes you a good teacher.

Emotional stability not only against external factors but also from internal factors. You have to be patient and show empathy when a student failed to understand a topic even after you repeated it 10 times. You should have emotional stability not compare two students.

5- Never stop learning

Learning doesn’t stop even if you are the greatest teacher of the universe. Always learn new things, polish your knowledge and inspire your students. Learning does not need to be only from your subject, you can learn soft skills, psychology, or technical skills that can enhance your teaching career.

As a teacher, it is highly recommended to get updated on your field of teaching. There are new technologies and techniques are emerging every day. Being updated on the current trends and fields is highly needed

6-  Take a break if needed

Never forget to take care of yourself. Always try to take some breaks in between. Teachers are usually engaged with students and classroom management. You have a lot on your plate from teaching to grooming your students. If you felt exhausted from your schedule, take a small break and come back. This will always help you regain your energy and execute things well in your professional and personal life.

7- Do an analysis of yourself

There is no bad to analyzing yourself as a teacher. Just think about what is going well and wrong. If something is not in place, check for solutions that can be done. You will always get benefited from your self-analysis. Work on your negative aspects like frustrations, anger, time issue, etc

There is no shame in asking for help from others. If you feel like talking, talk to others. If you feel like need some help, ask for help. Being a great teacher is a journey that has to pass many struggles and medals to reach the final stage.  also read our blog on improving the presentation skill


The answer to “ how to be a good teacher” requires consistent learning and improvements. One has to show a strong level of determination and passion to reach the level where you will be the favorite teacher of all the students.

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