How To Create Microlearning Courses

How To Create Microlearning Courses

Microlearning is an educational strategy and learning style that emphasizes small, targeted pieces of information that can be easily absorbed and remembered. It is often used in online learning environments, as it can be easily integrated into short, busy schedules.  There are several benefits to microlearning, including increased efficiency and better retention. This strategy is […]

L & D strategies

L & D Strategies for the Hybrid Working Model

Learning and development aka L & D strategies are essential parts of any organization that wanted its employees to be productive and proactive. Companies trying to structure their learning and development programs in various ways like in-house training, learning courses, soft skill training, etc Here comes the challenge of training employees in a hybrid working […]

creating an elearning course

Tips on Creating an eLearning Course

  There are many aspects that go into creating an eLearning course, starting from accessing the technical details and ending up with producing good eLearning content. You can start by interviewing a few subject matter experts and/or doing some additional research on the topic. You will have a fair understanding of the subject.  Alternatively, you […]

Ways to promote your courses

Ways To Promote Your Courses

    After creating our course content and hosting it on an appropriate Learning Management system (LMS), the next step is to promote your courses. Yes, before creating our course content, we had done preliminary research and survey on the markets and our competitors, and now it is time to explore those opportunities. It’s highly […]

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