Barriers to learning and how to overcome them

  Building a robust training program from scratch is a difficult task.  After doing all the hard work, the last thing we need is some obstacles creating hurdles in our way.  Yes, we are referring to barriers to learning.   When we started our online course development, we did a short research on the market, particularly […]

work from home teaching business

How To Start Work From Home Teaching Business

Are you a trainer looking to start a work from home teaching business? Are you confused of where to start?  Online teaching jobs have gained popularity during the past couple of years, and this trend continues. During this period, teachers worldwide developed innovative online teaching methods to make learning more interesting and effective. Online teaching […]

How to stop losing customers to competitors

How to stop losing customers to competitors

You have provided the best service to your customer, BUT still, they leave you.  Why? What are the marketing strategies required to stop losing customers to competitors? Competition happens to the best business.  It’s unpleasant especially if you are the one losing customers. Creating a plan, running an advertising campaign, driving traffic to your website […]

Soft Skill Training For Employees

  With technological advancement slowly gaining momentum after corona, companies are scrambling to hire employees with skills such as  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science, Digital Marketing, etc.  While technical skills are important, researches show soft skill consistently rank among the traits that companies need most. In general, soft skills rarely get the attention […]

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