Event Management System

Event Management System – The Best Ones You Can Go For in 2021

Event management system is software that automates the whole event management process for your organization. There is a wide range of software used for the management of professional conferences, workshops, conventions, exhibitions of trade, and other smaller events. Let us look at some of the best event management systems that are available for you to use. Some are full-fledged event management systems, and some offer customized services to particular clients and customers.


Aventri is software that hosts a multitude of features, including event management, conferences, event booking, and check-in. The system also hosts mobile apps, virtual event management, and 24 hours support. If you want training, even this is included in the software. The software is available as a cloud-based event management system and is not available on mac or windows. It is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. You will be able to use a free demo before you buy the actual software.

Glue Up

In this event management software, you will get a lot of features under one umbrella. There is customer relationship management, event conferences, event booking management, check-in management, and much more. Glue Up allows you to run your business effectively. The system hosts social management, membership management, invoicing, and email marketing also. You will be able to create an event in under 10 minutes. The system is known for its simplicity of use and function.


More than 80 thousand lakh organizations have signed up on BIxTrix24. It is free software that you can use. You will have to pay for the professional software. The software hosts customer relationship management, client management; it creates invoices and manages vendors for you. You can book more than one event and schedule events in the charred calendars. You will also get task templates that can be used to manage the ground crews. The best thing is that it will enable your organization to handle real-time communications using mobile messaging and group chats.


Accelevents has a very easy-to-use interface, which is suitable for creating custom eye-catching event pages. You do not need to have any technical experience to use this event management system. The software also hosts user-friendly features that help you to reach larger audiences. Accelevents also has 24-hour customer support to help with any issue you might encounter during your event plan. The software improves engagement rates by sending notifications and interactions to your customers.


GoToWebinar is a leader in online event management. The software gives you many features. By using this software, you will be able to create a webinar with little to no experience. The user interface it very easy and straightforward, it will make sure that you have fun while creating a webinar. GoToWebinar also hosts clear audio and video transmission capabilities. It will make sure that none of your webinars go wrong. The event management system has flexible webinar odes, insightful analytics, and powerful features. If you are interested trying this system, you can book a free demo on their website.

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