Government Grants for Training

Government Grants for Training in Singapore

In this fast-paced world, working-class people should update their skills to stay relevant to their jobs. Singapore provides many training grants for individuals to improve their productivity, build their careers, and compete with others in the workforce. There are various kinds of government grants for Training in Singapore you can apply to after checking the criteria. The grants are provided under two main government schemes, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and Workfare Skills Support (WSS), followed by other programs.

Workfare Skills Support

Workfare Skills Support (WSS) is a program for blue-collar workers to go through training that could lead to better job opportunities. It can benefit employees, self-employed people, and employers.


Since it is a government scheme, you need to be a citizen of Singapore to avail of it. The age limit is 35 years and older. However, for people with disabilities, the age limit is 13 years and older. The applicant needs to be working at the time of application or self-employed who have earned a significant amount of income in the previous year. In order to apply for the grant, the applicant’s gross monthly earnings should not exceed $2300 per year and they should be living in a property with no more than $13,000 estimated annual value, calculated at the previous year. Moreover, the applicant should not own more than two properties to be eligible for the grant, even in the case that they are married. Their spouse’s estimated income should not be more than $70,000 annually.

Benefits of Grant:

If an employee applies for any WSS courses, they will receive a grant of $6 per hour of training of a maximum of 180 hours according to the eligibility criteria. Applicants need to obtain passing marks in the course whilst maintaining an attendance of 75% to be permitted for training allowance. They might also receive a cash payment upon the completion of their training. The grant is applicable solely for outcome-based courses that are provided by CET centers designated by SSG and some special courses in sectors that follow the Progressive Wage Model, consisting of landscape, lift, security, and cleaning sectors. The scheme is beneficial for employers looking to enroll their employees in one of the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) courses as the training will cover over 95% of Absentee Payroll.

SkillsFuture Singapore

SkillsFuture aspires to encourage sustainable learning through improving skills and redefining the education and training system in Singapore. The government of Singapore offers a grant named the SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy that facilitates and promotes a culture of learning. The program encourages workers to stay updated on the new trends and market skills to perform better at their respective workplaces. The scheme recognizes that employees who are in the mid-level of their careers may be presented with hurdles to undergo training and learn new skills. This one is the prime government grants for training for workers to adapt to new skills and to upgrade their existing skills.


The SkillsFuture grant is applicable for individuals who are at least 40 years of age and older. Applicants should not be permanent residents of Singapore or pass holders.

Benefits of Grant:

The grant provides a subsidy that covers 90% of the course price that is available for individuals that meet the criteria. There are over 8000 SkillsFuture Singapore courses that are included in the program. Moreover, approved applicants will also get over 90% of the program fees for MOE-subsidized courses (including full time and part-time), consisting of Nitec to postgraduate level in institutions such as Polytechnics, LASALLE College of the Arts, and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Autonomous Universities, and Institute of Technical Education.

SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC)

Companies can invest in the skills of their employees to grow their business. SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit is a government grants for training in Singapore that finances the training of employees to encourage employees to support the learning of their team members. Employers can register their employees in a suitable program and get a one-time payment of S$10,000 to cover the cost and expenses of programs and training needs of individuals.


Companies that are qualified for the SFEC include employers who have provided up to $750 on Skills Development Levy over a considerable amount of time. The other condition is that the company should have hired a minimum of three Singapore citizens or permanent residents.

Benefits of Grant:

Applicants can choose from various programs; such as enterprise transformation that supports change in the company with the help of new training. Workforce transformation includes updating job descriptions and exclusive programs for the company’s needs. Out of the $10,000 funding, $7000 is allotted to Workforce Transformation and $7000 for both Workforce transformation and Enterprise transformation. The training courses are offered under the Skills Framework, Professional Conversion Programmes and according to the sector.

Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications Funding (WSQ)

Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications Funding is accessible to employees or companies who want to learn marketable skills and acquire industry certification. There are different kinds of training programs for those looking to gain expertise with their skills and for them to learn new skills to be productive at their jobs. Candidates who are self-sponsored and are between the age of 21 to 39 can get up to 50% WSQ grant funding on the training. Residents 40 years old and older get 70% funding on various training. Permanent residents of Singapore can get up to 50% grant funding on the training of their choice.


Individuals of 25 years of age and older are eligible for application who are employed in a legitimate organization or firm.

Benefits of Grant:

Upskilling is a great move used by companies to stay relevant and compete with new startups with better technology and practices. The grant provides an opportunity for employers to look after their employee’s needs and give them a platform to freshen and improve their existing skills. The candidates will receive a $500 grant which they can pay for the WSQ courses. Additional credits will be provided as well.

Different Training Grants

The government of Singapore encourages learning new skills and has therefore introduced many other Government Grants for Training for individuals, self-employed people, and companies. Employees in the finance sector can apply for the Financial Training Scheme that gives over 80% funding for training courses. Enhanced Training Support SMEs is to encourage small and medium companies to provide training to their employees. There are different schemes available for employees in other sectors. There is always something for everyone, you just have to find the most suitable one for your learning needs.

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