Top 5 non-technical skills in demand

Top 5 non-technical skills in demand in 2023

Are you somebody not from a technical background and thinking to get a high-paying job or skills to achieve? There are many non-technical skills in demand today.

It is a common belief that all of the highest-paying jobs are tech jobs like designer, programmer, data scientist, Artificial Intelligence, etc

In reality, some very good non-technical skills are in huge demand and earn you a good income. Let us discuss the top 5 non-technical skills in demand today

1- Content Writing

Content writing is one of the most in-demand non-technical skills today. Content is essential. If you want to educate your audience about your product or services, you have to create content. Content can be in any form like

  • Text content
  • Image/Infographics
  • Video content
  • User-generated contents

There is a huge demand for talented content writers who can create engaging and informative content for the brands. According to research done by Indeed, the average salary for a content writer is $19.54 per hour in the United States. This can be doubled for specific topics and niches. In Singapore, a content writer gets an average salary of $60000 per annum.

There should be some qualities needed for a good content writer like

  • Good research skill
  • Creative writing
  • Analytical Skill
  • Good language command
  • Understanding the topic

Content writing is also can be done in a freelance model. Many of the existing content writers are freelancers. If you are looking for a content writing freelancing opportunity register with edujournal

2- Project Management Skills

Many companies need efficient project managers to handle their projects. Project management is another skill that can pay you well. The average salary of a project manager in Singapore is $72000 according to Glassdoor reports.

You may ask to take some certifications related to project management after getting some experience in the project management industry like PMP.  The importance of project management certification is really high for this field. A project manager with a PMP certificate can get a 20-30% higher salary than those who are without a certification.

Project management certification is kind of a global certification that cannot be passed without proper knowledge and experience in project management.

3- Affiliate Marketing

You might have heard about affiliate marketing at many places. Why affiliate marketing is included in the top 5 non-technical skills in demand?

Affiliate marketing is nothing but referring or promoting others’ services or products and getting commission from each sale that you deliver from it. The percentage of commission will vary based on the company’s norms.

The average salary of an affiliate marketer is $67690 in the USA according to Indeed reports. The scope and unique thing about affiliate marketing are you really don’t need to have a product or services to sell. Many companies are providing good commissions to affiliates.

An affiliate can promote their products through many ways like blogs, youtube, webinars, advertisements, email campaigns, etc. There are affiliate platforms where companies can advertise their affiliate programs and people can select any of those products to promote and get commissions from them. Some of the best affiliate platforms where you can find great affiliate deals are appsumo, clickbank

4- Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is booming. Do you have any doubts about that? Check your mobile, Youtube and see how many ads you are seeing every day!

For every ad you see on the internet, For every search engine result you get for a specific query, for any marketing emails you receive, there is a digital marketing person who has done their job behind the screen.

Today, most businesses are moving online, there is a lot of eCommerce businesses emerging. These all businesses need to do efficient digital marketing executions to get enough audience attention. The average salary of a digital marketing manager is $85000 per annum. There will be more demand for digital marketers in the coming 5 years.

Digital marketing is having sub-modules. A digital marketer cannot easily become an expert in all of the modules. Most of the current digital marketing persons are getting experienced in one or two modules first then gradually improving the others. The major modules of digital marketing are

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Medi Marketing (SMM)
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media advertisement
  • Inbound Marketing

Digital marketing is all about planning, analytics, and tools. You should have analytical planning as well as hands-on experience with various marketing tools like google analytics, hotjar, ad manager, ahref, etc

5- Business Development Manager

Sales or Business Development is the heart of any organization. No company can survive without sales. There is always a need for a talented salesperson, team leader, etc

Your sales skill can earn really huge pay for you because irrespective of other skills you can earn good commission from sales. Some salespeople earn more in commission than their fixed salary.

A good business development manager should possess certain characteristics

  • Great listening skills
  • Good communication
  • Convincing skill
  • Adaptability
  • Planning and execution
  • Storytelling

According to Glassdoor reports, the average pay for a business development manager is $60000 in Singapore. Seling or convincing skill is a life skill, it can help you not only in your job but also in your life instances. That’s why sales and marketing are considered lifetime investments. Business development or sales should be more of a human approach. Sales can be replaced by any technology completely.


In the end, how skilled you are at a particular niche will determine your paying skill. Many non-technical skills can reward you well. The best thing you can do is, get expertise at a particular skill and leverage it.

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