5 reasons to become full stack developer

Top 5 Reasons to Become a Full Stack Developer

Traditionally, the software development (ie., web and mobile app development) process included teams from frontend & backend development, database, analysts, testers, etc who collaborated with each other to accomplish the final end product.  But today, the frontend, backend & database roles are handled by a versatile set of full stack developers, who are masters in both frontend and backend, databases and equipped with multiple-level skills in complex technologies, which can fit into any role in the development process including troubleshooting who can contribute to speed and cost-effectiveness,  and ultimately, building a winning product hence, they are called “full stack developer” or the “jacks of all trades”.   In other words, to become a full stack developer you should be keen and flexible on the front-end, back-end, and database.

Some of the popular full stack developments we have come across are LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP), MEAN Stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular, and NodeJS), RSP Stack (Ruby on Rails, SQLLite, and PHP).  Full Stack Java Development includes (HTML5, CSS3, React JS, VueJS, Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlets (Java class designed to respond to HTTP requests), Java Web Service/ RestFul API, Hibernate (ORM tool to map object-oriented domain models to relational databases for web applications), Spring Frameworks (provide comprehensive infrastructure support while we focus on coding), JUnit (developer-side testing on Java Virtual Machine), DevOps tools ( Jenkins (automated integration and deployment software), Docker (container runtime),  and Kubernetes (running and managing multiple container runtimes including docker )), Selenium (Web UI automation testing suite), and Git (Version Control), Oracle, MySql, MongoDB, etc).To become a full stack developer, one should possess the skillset to develop both client-side and server-side applications.

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Full Stack Developers typically begin their career as front-end or back-end developers at the entry level and quickly percolate upwards in the ranks as they perfect the various layers of software development, which comes with experience working on various projects, and gaining skills in various technologies. Alternatively, joining practical-oriented Bootcamps such as eduJournal Bootcamp (which is a complete suite of software development skills),  is a great way to make your career future ready.  This Bootcamp helps provide you mastery in every aspect of software development, and also provides you with work-like experience, and gets you industry ready in a short time.  The demand for full stack developers has only been growing over the years and is still growing.

To become a full stack developer, you must be equipped with various technologies such as front-end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, Angular, React JS, JQuery, etc., and understand the dynamics of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).  Then, you need to master the backend technologies based on the requirement of the company.   Acquire skills in programming languages such as Python, Java, PHP, C#, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, etc, and APIs,  and also be familiar with various web servers such as Apache, Tomcat,   Linux, and Windows server configurations, and familiarity with various database management systems such as MySql, SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, etc, and familiarity with various DevOps like AWS, Azure, docker, Jenkins,  etc.  Also, an understanding of GIT and GitHub is a must.  Being a full stack developer will enable you to understand the complete workflow of the project.

Why should you opt to become a full stack developer?  Here are the reasons

  1. Full Stack development ensures timely project delivery: Since full stack developers have expertise and experience in end-to-end development and delivery of projects, they can coordinate with frontend, backend, and database teams, perform tasks related to API integration, create prototypes, software integration, testing, provide demos to clients, well versed with Agile Project Management framework, Scrum and its building blocks, effective communication with team members to streamline the development process, etc will help speed up the development process and timely delivery of the product.
  2. Provide a one-stop solution for clients’ requirements. Since the full stack developer has a good knowledge of the various technologies, he will be in the best position to understand the client’s requirements better and provide end-to-end solutions. Also, full stack developers with multi-dimensional skillsets are equipped to step in at any stage of the development life cycle and provide solutions.  Tech companies appreciate and value their contribution, due to their ability to deliver the product quickly and adhere to the project deadline.
  3. 3. A large portfolio of core skills: Irrespective of whether you are working in large MNCs or startups, the comprehensive and wide spectrum of knowledge, skills, and expertise of handling multiple projects accompanied by the working knowledge of every layer in the development cycle, including the workflow, can help in positioning a full stack developer as a core member of any development team.
  4. Multi-Dimensional growth opportunities: You will have multiple options for growth in your career. Having in-demand full stack development skills can make you more adaptable to being a major player in various domains of web and mobile app ecosystems. Since they are called jacks of all trades, they can also explore a career in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science which can boost their chances for a lucrative career in reputed organizations with tremendous growth opportunities.
  5. Highly lucrative salary package: Full Stack Developers are highly sort after due to their immense value in the market. Due to their ability to work in multiple technologies, and their expertise in handling complex projects, along with their experience can fetch them a good pay package for their service.  Also, the demand for full stack developers is huge, such that,  it is a challenge for companies to recruit even one developer.  This has driven up their pay package.  In short, you will be able to command a higher salary, if you are skilled in both frontend and backend technologies.

According to a survey done in the US, by the year 2024, the availability of jobs in full stack development is expected to grow from $1,35,000 to more than $8,53,000. The above-said reasons are why becoming a full stack developer is a promising career opportunity.  The demand is only expected to grow in the coming years.

Do you want to become a sought-after full stack developer?  Then, you will have to figure out what projects to build, and understand the various stages of the software development process, and the technologies involved, this is where a complete stack Development Bootcamp like eduJournal adds immense value.   Avail your 1:1 mentorship sessions, on-demand self-paced learning, capstone projects, assignments, quizzes, etc from eduJournal with real-time work-like project experience, enabling you to build internship-grade projects through which you can impress your recruiters.   At the end of the boot camp, you will have a portfolio of real-world projects deployed in GitHub,  with our focus on enhancing your practical skills and knowledge.  Complete the course and get an assured job with a salary package of at least 8+  Lakhs Per Annum.   Contact eduJournal (www.edujournal.com)  for further details.

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