Courses in Demand in Singapore

Which are Courses in Demand in Singapore

It is common knowledge that the job market in Singapore is competitive. With the 2020’s unexpected twists and turns and economic downturn, it’s more important than ever to remain relevant to employers. How do you achieve this? Having the necessary qualifications to locate in-demand employment is vital. This article shall discuss 10 courses in demand in Singapore that would ensure you a top-paying career.

  1. Engineering

Acquiring an engineering certificate is one of the quickest methods to earn a top-paying career in Singapore.

Civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, aeronautic, computer and other engineering-related programs will prepare you for a competitive career.

There is an intense scarcity of engineers in Singapore, with forecasts indicating that the number of engineers required will rise tenfold between 2021 and 2030.

Moreover, most of Singapore’s premier institutions collaborate with leading business executives and worldwide engineering organizations. As a result, outstanding students will secure work opportunities even before graduation. If you are someone who is interested in engineering technology, this is one of the top courses in demand in Singapore.

  1. Anaesthesiology

A doctor who specializes in anesthetics puts patients in slumber before surgical procedures.

They are in charge of pre-operative patient care, formulating anesthetic strategies, and administering analgesics. Their job is to keep patients from undergoing pain and anguish during surgery.

It goes without saying that learning to become an anesthesiologist takes a while because it is one of the highest-paying jobs in Singapore.

You’ll have to complete at least five years of medical school, accompanied by a one-year internship.

  1. Law

A legal practitioner who can function as both an advocate and solicitor is referred to as a “lawyer” in Singapore.

A solicitor is a person who can provide legal advice to clients. A lawyer who analyzes cases and defends clients in the courtroom is an advocate.

It’s a consultative profession where professionals must preserve their clients’ legal rights while following the law.

To attain one of these high-paying careers in Singapore, you’ll first have to complete a university-level Bachelor of Law course.

But to become fully certified, you’ll need to obtain experience and complete a range of Bar exams.

  1. Finance

We are living in the “FinTech Revolution” age. Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technologies transform how we manage, store, and exchange cash in the banking corporation.

LinkedIn named blockchain as the most in-demand difficult skill in 2020.

With more financial institutions resorting to blockchain for enterprise solutions, possessing blockchain knowledge can help you succeed in the FinTech sector.

Furthermore, as consumers seek more digital financial services like digital wallets, a growing number of opportunities will open -up in the months ahead.

  1. Nursing

Nurses play a paramount role in delivering quality healthcare. They help champion health care and educate the public on illness prevention strategies. Additionally, they are responsible for helping hospitalized patients, and have always been the starting point for healthcare and social-service reform. It’s, therefore, no surprise that they are held in such high regard.

A nursing degree ensures that you will find a high-paying career in Singapore. Besides, nurses are the only health professionals who have a comprehensive and far-reaching role since they can work at different medical departments. Therefore, they are always in demand.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Technology is changing more professions into “hybrid” positions. It is undoubtedly the most significant shift in today’s job market.

Most of us have seen a fair proportion of futuristic films, which majority of them include robots-support. We may not realize it yet, but AI( Artificial Intelligence) is slowly taking over humanity, particularly now that it has crept into our everyday life.

Consider your smart lights or robot vacuum cleaners at home, the chatbot that assisted you to troubleshoot your problem, or maybe the adorable cleaning robots you see at hotels and airports. None of this would be feasible without the usage of artificial intelligence.

With the perks that automation that AI provides, it’s not surprising that Singapore firms are also hopping on board.

Additionally, it’s not just Computer gurus like Apple and Amazon that have AI-related functions; most finance, retail, and healthcare industries have such positions. Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the best courses in demand in Singapore right now.

  1. Sustainability

Urban solutions are all about conceptualizing and shaping the future of life, from green city development to autonomous transportation.

In Singapore, sustainability specialists are significantly in-demand. The organizations seek to maximize comfortable living and refine the quality of life.

This is because of the current global issues such as resource limitations, population increase, and climate change.

  1. MBA

Management is one of the most important courses to watch out for in Singapore as most of the world’s top corporations have set up companies in Singapore.

Also, the country has become a commercial hotspot, with multinational corporations such as General Motors, IBM, DHL, and Unilever establishing regional offices. As a result, these companies will require people to perform administrative tasks.

Business experts have recommended most Singaporean learning institutions for management studies. Why not give this course a shot?

How to Tell if you’re Eligible to Work in Singapore?

If you’re an international student in Singapore who wants to work here after finishing your education, you must first determine your work eligibility.

Depending on your degree, numerous types of work permits are obtainable. The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore can help you modify your qualification status.

You shouldn’t just assume that you’re qualified to work since you studied there; other variables are considered while determining your eligibility.

It’s also worth noting that you won’t be able to apply for a work visa unless you have a job in a location that matches the necessary requirements.

Which Job-search Sites in Singapore are the Most Effective?

The following are the greatest and most popular job-hunting websites, each with a huge database of opportunities across all industries:

Final Thoughts

That’s all there is to it! A simple guide to the courses in demand in Singapore.

It’s now up to you to get ahead and safeguard your future. Just read, do some research, and perhaps take a course or two.

Otherwise, we’d like to get feedback from you on this. Which profession on the list appeals to you the most? What tickles your interest the most? Please let us know; we’d be delighted!

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