Benefits of abacus for kids

Benefits of Abacus for Kids

What is 7890 + 4320? Are you searching for a calculator to solve that? Do you know that a young child can answer this in a few minutes without any materials? This is the magic of abacus training. Abacus training is based on developing arithmetical calculation skills and helps children understand fundamental number systems. A lot of parents are choosing abacus learning as a compulsory part of their children’s curriculum. It has been proved to help with the development of children’s brains. It also makes math classes more fun and interactive. In this blog let us discuss what is abacus and the benefits of Abacus for kids.

What Is An Abacus?

Before calculators, there was the abacus. It is one of the oldest devices for mathematical calculation, even before the introduction of numerical systems. The first abacus was invented in China, way long before in 500 B.C. It has also been known as the first computer. The structure comprises one frame, with beads and rods. A rod represents a distinctive place value. The beads signify numbers and can be moved alongside the rods. With an abacus, one can easily solve large calculations in a matter of minutes. It is used for division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction.

Why Abacus Learning Is Important For Kids

Abacus is an extraordinary math tool that is being used all over the world to nurture children’s mental abilities. It is essential to give young people the right tools for learning. It can shape their development of a functional brain and cognitive skills. With an abacus, kids can use both of their hands to move around the beads. This finger movement is proved to be good for the brain as it activates sensors and cells on the right and left sides of the brain. Abacus can improve their confidence, it can make their brain work faster, and make them a champion in mathematics.

Early learning is so significant because it can determine what your child grows up to be and how well they can navigate through their everyday tasks. Abacus learning makes kids creative and gives them the ability to think beyond the ordinary. It also helps them in making rational decisions and also critically assessing things. It can help in their overall education such as their other subjects, and also in the future. An abacus, therefore, shouldn’t be limited to a calculating device or tool, but a lifelong set of skills that will help a child excel in all facets of their life.

While abacus can be learned at any age, it is recommended to start the process with children between 3 to 5. This is when a child’s brain has the most capacity to absorb large amounts of information and is the basis of their mental capabilities. Adults can also learn it, there are no age restrictions to gaining knowledge. Learning to use the abacus can help with memory issues and also retain information and facts. Want your kid to be a prodigy? Enroll them in an abacus learning class when they’re as young as three. Soon, you will notice that your child is proficient at a lot of things, and not just math.

Most parents and schools try to give children an all-rounded education. This includes sports, arts, music, as well as academic education. Children are put under a lot of stress to score good marks. Abacus learning will kids do well in games, dance, studies, sports, and music. Investing in a child’s physical and mental development will be highly rewarding for parents.

Top 10 Benefits of Abacus for Kids

Abacus training is a great way to incorporate ancient and advanced technologies into a child’s learning. It is an easy and fascinating method that has helped students worldwide. Here are some of the key benefits of abacus for kids.

  1. It builds a foundation for math
    It is a common thing for young children to struggle with mathematics. It can be tricky and challenging. However, with an abacus, they can get a strong foundation built from their early years. It further helps them to perform mathematics problems involving fractions, integers, and decimals, in their head as the abacus’ image stays in their mind.
  2. Improved concentration levels
    Nowadays, children have a reduced attention span, and they are not able to concentrate on a single activity for a long time. Introducing them to an abacus can make their concentration levels higher. They can show interest in their classes and not zone out during a lecture, as most children tend to do. Thus, they tend to perform better in their studies.
  3. Better visual memory
    Have you ever seen someone with a photographic memory? It can be pretty impressive to see someone remember the contents of a book for a longer period. With Abacus, children can improve their auditory memory and visualization capabilities. The abacus stays in the mind as well as the calculations attached to it.
  4. Logical and critical thinking skills
    Most students when they go to university struggle with dealing with complex learning methods. They are not able to logically assess a subject and lack critical thinking skills. Therefore, abacus learning can develop the brain to think critically.
  5. Better academic performance
    Abacus learning not just improves mathematical skills, but overall intellectual capabilities. Therefore, students perform better in the rest of their subjects as well. Whether it is languages, history, art, or math, abacus learning will help them excel in all fields and areas of life.
  6. It makes math fun
    Abacus can also make a boring subject seem more interesting and practical. Complex mathematical concepts can be made easy through the use of the abacus’ tangible beads. For a child, it will just be like playing with a toy.
  7. Make child confident
    When the child’s concepts are clear in mathematics, they can easily perform better and be confident to solve problems. It helps in dealing with challenging situations in life as well as difficult math problems.
  8. Helpful for children with dyslexia
    Teaching mathematics can be challenging to a dyslexic child. When a child counts the abacus’ beads, they can develop coordination of their eyes and their hands. Abacus is also a good tool for dyslexic children as it helps them to learn with touching.
  9. Improves creativity and imagination
    Reading books is not the only way to improve a child’s imagination powers. But abacus learning can broaden their horizons and make them think out of the box. Their brain is developed to be creative.
  10. Cranmer abacus for visually-impaired kids

Cranmer abacus is specially designed to help visually impaired children to learn mathematical concepts by helping them visualize numbers and perform calculations. It has changed the life of many people.

Online Abacus Classes for Your Kids


The benefits of abacus for kids are mind-boggling. The trend is showing that more parents are interested to train their kids in abacus and mathematics. Absolutely these are life skills that are going to help them always.

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