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Powerful Ways to Draft the Most Compelling & Convertible Emails Part 1

Internet marketing is highly effective, yet it is incredibly competitive. There are numerous brands in any niche, fighting to obtain and maintain the customer base. Email marketing strategy is one of the oldest internet marketing methods. However, it is still genuinely relevant and plays a significant role in boosting traffic to a website and increasing sales. According to a survey, the average ROI for email marketing is 100 percent. Email marketing strategy is much better than any other internet marketing method, such as social media, paid ads, etc.

Email inboxes nowadays are flooded with all kinds of emails. You may have crafted a very well email taking a long time to think through and writing it. But the recipient may take few seconds to look through their inbox and decide whether to open your email or not as they are scrolling through their inbox. Writing an irresistible email for your email marketing campaign for your training institute is not an easy task at all. In this blog, we will discuss a few techniques about drafting useful emails. Writing excellent and effective emails requires good writing skills; it also needs an understanding of how email marketing works.

What is Click Through Rate (CTR)?

Effectiveness of the right Email Marketing strategy can be measured by Click Through Rate, also known as CTR, along with a few other metrics. Any marketing email should include Call To Action (CTA). Marketing emails without CTAs are not the right marketing emails. When the recipient responds to those CTAs, that determines the CTR of an email marketing campaign.

A lower CTR means that marketing email is not sufficiently effective. This issue can be remedied by making some tweaks to your email writing style and technique. This series of blogs will share some useful tips to improve and increase CTR for your email marketing campaigns. Email CTRs change every year and vary per industry and location. For 2020 the average email CTRs across all sectors are 2.69%. CTR is not the only metric to measure the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign. Here are the most critical metrics that can help determine an email marketing campaign’s success for your training institute.

  1. Email Open Rate
  2. Click-Through Rate
  3. Conversion Rate
  4. Unsubscribe Rate
  5. Bounce Rate

Click-Through Rate remains the most important and the most monitored metric for email marketing campaigns so, in this blog, we will focus on CTR and how to improve it.

You need to be aware of the positioning of your brand or training institute in the industry. Your institute or brand’s standing in the industry will also affect your CTR. A CTR of 10% reflects and good brand standing and profitable organization. For all your email marketing campaigns, you should acquire and analyze the crucial metrics data related to Email Marketing strategy. Those statistics will help you to tweak your emails accordingly.

Tips to Achieve High Click-Through Rate

  1. Single or Double Opt-In for Collecting Email Database Email list is the most important and crucial part of any Email Marketing strategy. You can either buy email lists targeted at audience who are interested in online training institutes and courses or you can collect those email addresses by yourself for future campaigns. In either case, your email list is your most valuable asset for such kind of marketing. An Opt-in is a registration form that you place on your website for people who are interested in your offering or deal. Opt-in forms are quite a common way to collect prospects’ email addresses and to build email lists.
  2. Single Opt-in means that someone has to enter their email address once only. They do not need to verify their email address to access the incentive you are offering in return for their email address. This single opt-in has its pros and cons:
  3. Advantages of a Single Opt-in – It is a quick way for both parties. In just one simple and quickstep, the target audience can access the deal or subscribe to mailing, and you can add the email  address to the mailing list.
  4. Disadvantages of a Single Opt-in – Since email verification is not required, the registrant can enter the wrong or fake email address and still access the deal. But in return, your email list will have fake or wrong email addresses, that will affect your email campaigns. There is a possibility that even though the email may be correct, but it may land into the recipient’s junk or spam inbox. Since the registrant has already accessed the offer, there is no further incentive for the recipient to take immediate action to go into his email spam folder and mark your email as “not spam.” That will result in your emails flagged as spam, and it will hurt your email campaigns.
  5. Double Opt-in means that once the registrant has entered their email address on the Opt-in page, they automatically receive the confirmation or verification email in the inbox, So the registrant has to go to his email inbox, open the email and click on confirmation /verification email, and then only he can access the offer or deal or subscribe to the list.
  6. Advantages of a Double Opt-in – All the emails are verified, so the email list is authentic. Your email list will be targeted to your specific niche. And it will consist of email addresses of people who are interested in training institute courses that your institute has to offer. There is a lesser chance of your emails landing or staying into the spam folder of the recipient.
  7. Disadvantages of Double Opt-in – Because of a longer process, your website visitor may not be willing to register his email, reducing the Opt-in rate. Double Opt-in has a lesser Opt-in rate as compared to Single opt-in forms. Double Opt-in may also require a robust email marketing system; as soon as the registrant submits an email on Opt-in form, the confirmation/verification email should immediately land in his inbox. If confirmation/verification email delays for any reason, the registrant may lose interest or forget about taking further action to verify his email.

So if you want to build your email database fast, then Single opt-in is the way to go. You can clean up the wrong email addresses as you go. But if you want an authentic and verified email database, then Double Opt-in is the way to go.

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