Five Features of Autodesk Student

Autodesk Student provides students and educators with free access to various Autodesk software such as AutoCAD, Maya, Sketchbook, and more. You can master and learn from software used by industry professionals across the world to get an edge when it comes to your career development.

Students get access to the same tools and technology used by professionals for free for your course duration. AutoCAD, for example, provides a three-year free learners license that can be renewed after that duration. Videos and online tutorials help you learn from industry experts. Connecting with other learners is encouraged so you can build your professional network even before you graduate.

Here are five features provided by Autodesk Student:

1. Access Industry Standard Tools and Technology

Industry professionals across the world frequently use the Autodesk Suite. However, purchasing Autodesk software can be expensive. To make their software accessible to students and learners everywhere, Autodesk provides free access to students for the duration of their course. As long as you can verify you’re a student, you can use Autodesk software using their student’s license.

2. Get ACU Certified

Being an Autodesk Certified User can provide severe advantages in the long run. It shows that you’re efficient at using Autodesk software and can help you land a better job when you graduate. ACU certification is recognized by the industry and can boost your resume. To get ACU certification, you need to prove your proficiency in the software of your choice. Being AutoCAD certified, a popular software used by engineers, shows that you’re well versed and capable of using the software. This applies to other software available through the Autodesk Student education suite as well.

3. Build Your Online Portfolio

Why wait till you graduate to build your portfolio? Through Autodesk Student, you can create your portfolio at the Autodesk Design Academy. Showcase your unique ideas, elaborate on your process, and let your peers and industry professionals know how capable you are before you even get your degree.

4. Connect With Other Students

Autodesk Student is widely used by other learners as well as industry professionals. It enables you to learn not just about Autodesk software but also about other people within your discipline and field. Distance learning education encourages you to improve your knowledge, no matter where you live. You can also follow other student designers, learn their workflows and design process, and gain proficiency in your chosen software.

Get inspired, learn new design techniques, and stay up to date with industry-standard technology.

5. Participate in Global Competitions

A prominent way to boost your resume is to participate and win in global competitions. Compete against peers from across the globe to build your skills and show off your design knowledge. You’ll also be demonstrating your designs in front of a global audience, which can help you develop recognition and authority within your industry.

Autodesk Student prepares you for what you can expect in the industry. It equips you with skills you’ll be expected to use in the future, and turns you into an active learner, and adds serious advantages to your resume and profile. With Autodesk Student, you can build your awareness around emerging technologies, develop your skills through the available courses, and gain industry-recognized certification. Give yourself a decisive career advantage by registering with Autodesk Maya today.

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