Home based business ideas in Singapore

Home-based business ideas in Singapore

According to the Department of Statistics in Singapore, the number of private-owned businesses is rising every day. From 2018 to date, Over 207,200 home-based businesses in Singapore have been registered., and each firm makes under S$1 million per year. Perhaps you are thinking of starting a private-owned business but don’t know where to start; then the search is over. Take a breath and review the various business ideas listed in this article that you can engage in Singapore. Below are a few home-based business ideas in Singapore that will help you start your entrepreneurial journey.

How to monetize your domestic business inventions in Singapore?

Starting a home-based business idea in Singapore seems easy but the truth is it’s not! Before setting up a personal enterprise, figuring out the type of business to set up should come first.

Secondly, figuring out how to monetize your passion is another factor to consider. However, business experts usually advise home-based firm owners to set up businesses that align with their passions.

Who can start a home-based business innovation in Singapore?

Often many people wonder whether it is possible for anyone to start a home-based business or if it’s even legal. Truthfully, running a home-based business is legal provided one abides by the rules that govern the Home-based small business scheme. Moreover, you don’t even need a license to do so.

However, in some residential areas, zoning laws that prohibit non-related employees from accessing your home apply. Besides that, anyone can start a home-based business idea in Singapore.

What are the Top Five Home-based Business Ideas in Singapore?

Before taking charge to start a household business venture, it is vital to find a business idea that suits you. Therefore, it is wise to explore various ideas before setting up the business.

Thus, below are a few business ideas at your disposal.

  1. Cooking classes

When setting a home-based business, it is always a good idea to start with what you can do effortlessly. If you are good at cooking, then setting up a virtual cooking class is the best bet.

In short, setting up such home-based ideas in Singapore requires less capital plus there is room for growth if it gains popularity. That said, the first step in starting the business is by studying the target population in your area. Then learning the kind of food the users would like to know how to cook.

Lastly, shooting a couple of cooking lessons and posting them online will kick-start the business. So if you are a great cook starting a cooking class is one of the best home-based business ideas.

  1. Digital marketing

Since the world is now digitalizing, most businesses find it necessary to establish an online presence. Thus, the demand for digital marketing services is hiking every day while the supply for digital experts is still low.

Before seeking clients to market for, the first step is to compile a team of experts to design compelling presentations. After that, you need to create a detailed company website follows.

Therefore, if you are tech-savvy; setting up this household business idea in Singapore might suit you well.

  1. Content writing

Nowadays, many companies find it hard to create unique and compelling content for their websites. Instead of depending on one individual to create content for them, they prefer outsourcing the job to content writing freelancers.

However, to become the most sought-after content writer creating captivating and valuable content for your business should come first. Finally, choosing to deliver your content in videos, blogs, or infographics; will certainly jump-start your business venture.

  1. Mobile App designer

The use of smartphones is becoming increasingly popular; thus many companies use smartphones to tap revenue. Fact is, with over 2.7 billion users so mobile applications are invented every day to cater to the demand.

Due to this rise, developers are monetizing mobile apps through in-built purchases and offering digital marketing services. Therefore, if you are competent in mobile app development then starting this home-based idea in Singapore won’t be difficult for you.

  1. Online Tutoring classes

If you have skills and experience in a particular area, you could pass on your knowledge to others via an online class. You can conduct the classes at the comfort of your home and invite students from different parts of the world to learn from you

The virtual tutoring service industry is growing every day because of the new technological advancements and widespread internet usage. Additionally, online tutoring is preferable to people who want to learn but lack time to attend a physical class.

Therefore, if you are passionate about helping others gain knowledge, starting a tutoring business is a good business choice.

  1. Virtual Assistant

Just like in content writing, a virtual assistant can work from anywhere as long as you have a laptop and a good internet connection. Virtual assistance involves offering administrative duties for clients from any part of the world where you schedule appointments, make phone calls, make travel arrangements, and manage email accounts.

You can either work solo or create a company and invite applicants from different parts of the world to work under you. In that, your main roles will be seeking clients, ensuring your employees are up to standard and building a brand among other management roles.

  1. Creating Art and Wares

If you have a passion for art and wares, you could explore this option. You can create artistic art pieces at home and later sell them to those around you or online. You could also explore activities such as weaving, pottery, and glass making among others.


Choosing a home-based business idea is a personal choice because it varies with different individuals. Just like any other business, you need to exercise patience, consistency, and diligence for it to be successful. The good thing about it is that it is less costly to run as you do not necessarily need to pay for licenses and premises rent.

If you are passionate about actualizing any of the above highlighted home-based business ideas in Singapore, then seeking advice and ideas from edujournal is the way!

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