Run a cooking class business

How to Run a Cooking Class Business?

You’ve got incredible cooking skills, an undying passion, and great ideas to implement, and you are now pondering on how to run a cooking class business successfully?   Well, then this article is for you, and there are several factors that come to play.

You have to decide on what you are going to teach, where your classes will be based, when your classes are going to be held and how often they will be.

Not to forget, you will have to acquire all the required permits and licenses as per your local authority. We will discuss that later on. For now, let us go over the other essential factors.

  • What to teach – It should be an area you are well versed with and are an expert at. You should also be passionate about it such that your inspiration and excitement about it will shine through. This will most likely rub off on your students.
  • When to teach – Just like in any other business, consistency is key. You, therefore, have to establish at what time your classes will be running and how often. You should then strictly adhere to that, regardless of whether you have a few or many students. This will help you establish awareness, build trust and teach efficiently and profitably.
  • Where to teach – Do you plan on having your students come over? If so, do you have sufficient space to accommodate them? Is the environment suitable and friendly? Once you satisfactorily answer these questions, you are good to go.

On physical space, most business owners who run cooking classes find it a challenge. Sometimes more students than you planned for may show up, forcing you to turn some of them down. That’s bad for business, right?

For this reason, run a cooking classes business online, rather than in-person training is considered a better option.

Online Cooking Classes and Benefits

Similar to in-person training, you have to decide on the specific area to teach and what time to teach. The only difference comes in the location and planning process.

On location, you can have the classes anywhere you deem fit as long as there is sufficient lighting and enough silence for you to be able to stream your classes. You also need to have a stable internet connection and suitable gadgets.

There are several online platforms you can use, such as zoom, Google meets, Zoho meeting, Demio, and Livestorm just to mention a few. You can also go live on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

On planning, before your classes, you need to determine your menu and create a shopping list in advance. It is advisable that you only include items that are easy to find anywhere your target audience is. That way, anyone who wants to practically follow through can shop for the items and have them ready before class. You should also let them know when and how long the class is likely to take.

To get more learners, pick a time when your target audience is most active online. Better yet, you could poll and ask your customers what time is most preferable. Since the arrival of COVID19, it is easier and profitable to run a cooking class business online.

After everything is set, you can now market and promote your classes until D-day.

If all goes as planned, below are among the benefits you will attain from online cooking classes.

  • You can teach many students at once
  • There is more exposure whereby you get to reach people from different geographical locations
  • Cheaper to run compared to in-person training
  • You can utilize a variety of teaching styles including audio, visual, and texts thanks to the wide range of options and resources available.
  • You can appeal to solo learners who get distracted by large groups
  • Saves time for both you and your customers as you can train them wherever they are – without the need to commute
  • Depending on your preference and the platform you use, some of your lessons can be downloaded for future reference.

Insurance and Licensing for an Online Cooking Class

The insurance and number of licenses and permits you need will mostly depend on the authority that governs your location.

Generally, in most places, you will need a general business license. This can be obtained from your local county authorities. To help you know how to go about it, use google to search for a business license application in {Your City and State}.

For any additional permits or licensing required, your county’s health department may come in handy. They can provide you with information about what you need and where to get it.

Scope of an Online Cooking Class Business

To define the scope of your online class business the following factors will help.

1.    Your Budget

Just like any other business, you will need some resources to run your business. There’s the technology aspect where you will need gadgets such as webcams, a laptop or iPad, a microphone et cetera.

You should also factor in data costs, whereby a stable internet connection is required. Moreover, while streaming your classes you may need a technology expert on standby to ensure any hitches are rectified as soon as they occur.

There’s also the environmental aspect, whereby you need to set aside a kitchen or suitable room to conduct your classes. You may also need to re-decorate and furnish the room appropriately. It is also advisable that you look the part, hence you may want to budget for some suitable outfit

Lastly, you will need to budget for kitchen accessories, appliances, and ingredients that you may need during your lessons.

2.    Content

Why should people choose to learn from you? The quality of your content  and the unique skills and knowledge you offer will capture people’s interest.

Ensure that you have sufficient knowledge in your lesson area, to be able to provide value to your students and also answer any questions that may arise.

Also, decide beforehand how much knowledge you are willing to pass on and how many lessons it will take.

3.    The Platform and Income

As mentioned above, there are several platforms that you can utilize for your online cooking classes. Go over each of their features and benefits to decide which one will best suit you and your students.

Do you plan to charge your students or how do you hope to make money? You can check how much people offering similar services charge to get an idea of how much learners are willing to pay. Bear in mind that the platform you choose may play a role in how you will go about it.

4.    Marketing Strategy

You may have great content, enough resources but if you do not have a proper marketing strategy to attract students, your business will fail. You should, therefore, identify where your target audience is and devise creative ways to market your class to them.


If you’ve got the relevant cooking skills and experience, you are thinking to run a cooking class business Above, we have compiled crucial information you will need not only to get you started but also profitably run the business.

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