Online Registration System

Online Registration System

The online registration system is a core feature of any sound school management system. This system is the first contact point between a prospective student and the school. Having a robust online registration system is critical for any school business.

How Online Registration System Benefits the Students and the Parents?

The online registration system enables prospective students to communicate with the school if they have any pre-enrolment/registration inquiries. This is achieved through online forms, emails, and chat-bots. FAQ section can also provide sufficient information to the inquirers.

Prospect students or their guardians or parents can fix appointments to meet with school staff in person or via teleconferencing for their inquiries. Appointment scheduling can be automated on the school website.

Once satisfied and ready, students can then register for courses online. They can upload the required documents for the course. The integration of payment gateways enables online payments for registered courses. Upon successful registration and payment, the students can print their payment receipts online.

All this process is automated and performed online. Upon successful

registration and payment, a student should receive an automated confirmation of the registration with instructions for the next actions.

Smooth and efficient communication between school and prospective students is the key to an online registration system. It  should enable as many communication channels as possible such as email, online contact form, phone call, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, text message, etc.

Students and parents can make appointments with the faculty if they need to have some discussion before deciding whether to enroll or not.

How Online Registration System Benefits School management and administration?

School administrators should see pre-enrolment inquiries, communication notifications on their admin dashboard and interact with those inquiries. The Admin dashboard should provide adequate information about the entire registration process and its various stages. The ability to generate reports of available data is also especially important as it plays an essential part in strategizing the registration campaigns and the rest of the process.

The online registration system integration with social media platforms and digital marketing tools such as AdWords enables effective marketing campaigns for acquiring new students. Tracking and analyzing campaigns enable school administrators to determine ROI and develop effective social media and advertisement campaign strategies.

The school admin should be able to track the payment of the new registrants’ fees, and they should also be able to send reminders to the registrants for overdue fees.

Any comprehensive school management system consists of many subsystems that interact and overlap with each other; for example, an online registration system should be able to generate fee reports and send that data to the accounting system. The same way it should be able to interact with the course management system as well. 

Flexibility to add or turn off features. Below is a shortlist of some of the critical functions of an online registration system:

  1. Online application form
  2. Registration and enrolment
  3. Capturing application data
  4. Tracking application status
  5. Allocation of seats
  6. Managing documents
  7. Managing Campaigns and offers
  8. Seamless communication
  9. Configuring admission rules
  10. Automated notifications to applicants
  11. Scheduling of interview
  12. Collection of fees

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