Start a online Personal Training/Fitness Business

10 Steps to Start a online Personal Training/Fitness Business

One of the most sought-after methods by fitness trainers is how to start an online personal training business. With this approach, you will gain more customers and raise more income.

Web-based personal fitness is now more relevant than before. Thanks to the tremendous diversity of technical solutions and online training software, you can choose to start an online personal fitness business in a few simple ways.

This article will serve as your cheat book for a presumably easy transfer to a digital training environment for your company.

1. Registration

The revenue office will need you to establish your brand names. You can enlist your firm under your name with a DBA (Doing Business As).

The revenue service will provide you with an employment authorization number. If you have workers, consider recruiting your initial staff on a contract basis to avoid paying payroll taxes.

Additionally, sign up with the relevant state authorities for income taxes and state sales. These are the primary steps in starting your online personal training business.

2. Pick a Niche.

The personal fitness sector is rapidly expanding. If you are not outstanding somehow, acquiring customers can be challenging.

Rather than letting your potential clients sift through a sea of possibilities, if you offer their specialty, you’ll be the obvious pick for the vast majority.

Various niches include;

·     Sports and workout nutrition

·     Conditioning and strength training

·     Functional and posture corrective technique

·     Rehab and prehab specialist

·     Weight loss

·     General well-being

3. Build a Website.

To design a responsive website, hire a website developer and ensure the web page is interactive. Include examples of exercise, diet plans, health information and a mechanism for people to connect with you or fellow professional trainers.

Also, cover information about your certifications, educational history, and professional background, as well as customer testimonials.

Showcase your price strategy and provide thorough information on each component of your fitness experience.

Also, emphasize on the pros and cons of starting an online personal fitness business.

4. Decide which Virtual Fitness Model to Use.

When starting an online fitness business, select the approach that best suits your desired company model, or you can mix a few different layouts to let customers pick the design and price point that suits them.

The following are some ideas for structuring a virtual fitness business:

·     Deliver one-on-one personal training, in which you instruct a customer as they exercise, usually through video conferencing. The programs are generally tailored to the client’s needs to help them achieve their objectives.

·     Conduct livestream group courses in which numerous clients can participate simultaneously.

·     Create a fitness plan which clients can easily access, e.g., PDF. These programs are typically non-customized and intended for a particular group, such as pregnant women or the elderly.

·     Provide clients with pre-recorded fitness videos that they can view and practice after paying a monthly subscription fee.

·     Based on your credentials and preferences, consider adding dietary programs, online assessments, healthy living instruction, and check-ins via phone, mail, or SMS.

5. Choose an Online Payment Option.

If you’re confident using PayPal, go ahead and use this method. It’s simple to set up, the costs are low, and you may deposit funds into your savings account for free.

If you’re in the U.S, Venmo is a cheaper option. Please remember that you cannot use it outside of the United States.

When it comes to credit card payment costs, consider the unavoidable expenses of conducting business. Such include bank fees and transaction charges.

 6. Get the Right Fitness Equipment and Tech

You don’t have to spend a lot to obtain the appropriate fitness materials. You can always get better tools in the future as long as you currently have the necessary equipment. These are some of them;

·     A stable internet connection

·     Camera

·     Workout equipment

7. Plan Your Workout Area

When choosing a training location, consider a specialized workout space that you’ll feel and appear more competent. Customers must be able to see you doing the exercises.

Good lighting will make you appear more presentable. Create adequate space to house your workout gear. Guarantee no inappropriate disruptions like children or pets.

If you play songs during your classes, keep in mind that it may cause interference, making it difficult for clients to understand your instructions. So, ensure to strike a balance.

8. Select Promotional Channels

What are the locations of your target customers? To put it another way, where do they look, and what must you do to make it easy for them to learn about you?

Your financial resources will determine the network of choice. We’ve included three channels that don’t require a lot of funds;

Social Media: If you’re a fitness instructor, social media is perhaps the most important channel to engage, for the simple fact that it has over 4 billion members. Most of them are sure to be your customers.

Partnerships: Don’t be afraid to form alliances to expand your connections. You’ll gain recognition and increase your chances of acquiring new customers.

Make new friends online, form partnerships with other specialists in your field. Additionally, consider what services you can provide for free to build customer relations.

Word-of-mouth referrals: Don’t hesitate to be kind to provide free services to customers, especially, if they have a vast network. The effect it will have on your business will astound you!

9. Impress Your Clients.

Getting new customers isn’t enough. For a long-term business, you must treat everyone equally. You should endeavor to see your customers enjoy their time with you so much that they want to stick with you indefinitely.

10. Keep Yourself Informed.

Because the fitness sector is constantly changing, learning new skills and staying updated should never stop. Look for new workout routines and approaches regularly to deliver more outstanding service to your customers. That will reduce monotony, consequently increasing the likelihood of clients staying on the regimen you set up for them.


If you’re still unsure how online fitness could benefit your company, try implementing online services while still seeing in-person clients. This way, you will test if it works for you and your customers.

Additionally, try and understand how to run the company in a responsible, successful, efficient, and positive manner. Don’t act solo; follow the industry’s experts.

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