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Why Video Marketing is Important for Businesses

There are many reasons why the medium of video has been increasing in popularity for years and has thus become an essential means of preparing your content. In addition, it can help you attract many prospects and customers, especially as an entrepreneur. Video marketing recently got some serious attention over marketing efforts.

In this blog post, we want to explain why you, as an entrepreneur, should integrate video content into your content mix in the future. So, if you’re interested in knowing the many advantages of video content utilized in a practical way and want to receive essential tips for creating your video content, this is the article you need.

Without further ado, here are eight reasons why video marketing is important for businesses and can improve your marketing:

  1. Content can be processed more easily

Through movement dynamics, sound effects, and a compelling voice or music, videos attract the viewer’s attention. Unlike pure text or images, two senses of man are addressed simultaneously in videos—the sense of sight and the sense of hearing. The double address causes the contents of the video to be better perceived. For you as an entrepreneur, this means that you can present facts or information more comprehensibly and quickly. The information conveyed thus remains longer in the memory of the viewer.

  1. Content can be grasped faster

Customers want to collect information quickly and without much effort. The video offers your customers precisely these two aspects. For a businessman, video marketing has great potential to draw new customers’ attention to you for the first time and existing customers again.

  1. Your potential prospects and customers are lazy

Consumers are lazy. As mentioned, we are willing to receive information as quickly and efficiently as possible. Proof of this is the numerous and still increasing number of online explanatory videos. On platforms like YouTube, you will find countless explanatory videos for almost every problem. The human brain processes the information from moving images in combination with music and the response of emotions much better than from texts. The medium of video conveys complex information to the viewer in an understandable way through images, music, and emotions. Whether information about your product, employee training, or company messages, with a video, you can bring your information to the respective person in an attractive way.

  1. Rising smartphone numbers promote video marketing

The increasingly widespread mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are constantly increasing the service life of videos. Because mobile devices are omnipresent and firmly embedded in the daily rhythm, videos are increasingly consumed on mobile. The increase in the consumption of videos has the following two main reasons.

  • Due to technical development, it is now convenient and possible to watch videos on the go without long loading times.
  • In addition to technological development, the growing range of videos on the Internet contributes. According to a recent report, with internet connection available to over 90% of Americans, many of them can no longer picture life without it and spend 2-3 hours consuming content online. Social media is now used by more than half of humanity (58.4 percent) which means 4.62 billion people worldwide, and 424 million more people have signed up since last year. On average, a regular user uses social media for about two hours and twenty-seven minutes every day, and the number is only going up.
  1. Search engines love video

Embedding a created video directly on your website makes a way to increase traffic and visitor times on your website. Search engines such as Google reward websites with high-quality video content through a better ranking. In addition, videos allow you to keep visitors on your website longer. Videos make it easier and more detailed for visitors to deal with the related content, leading to a more extended stay. The longer length of stay on your website is also rated positively by search engines.

However, a video does not automatically help you to a better ranking, as the search engines’ crawlers cannot yet evaluate the content of videos. Similar to images, whether the footage offers high-quality content is determined by the file name, video title, video description, markups, technical aspects (whether the video works on mobile devices, for example), or tags. You should edit these points in detail when putting a video online on your website.

  1. The viewer is explicitly looking for further information

In a Hubspot survey, 66% of respondents searched for more content from the same sender after consuming a video. Videos offer you a perfect start to inform, convince and retain potential customers in more depth about your company/product or service in the further course.

  1. Increase customer loyalty

Marketing is about people. Don’t forget that it is not your product or service that should be the focus of advertising but on your customer. You want to build a closer relationship with this so that it can identify with your company in the next step and thus become a customer of yours. Videos are an optimal medium to transmit personality, values, or emotions to your customers. The customer can get a better picture of your company or character in a video than with plain text. Properly structured videos are an excellent way to improve your customer loyalty.

  1. Reaching executives with videos

Videos can be used very well not only in B2C – but also in the B2B sector. Forbes interviewed executives about their video consumer behavior. 75% of the people surveyed stated that they watch videos related to their work on company websites at least once a week. 50% watch videos on YouTube that are relevant to their daily work. In addition, 65% of respondents said they visit the websites mentioned in exciting videos. Video marketing also offers you the enormous potential to reach executives in the B2B sector.

As you can easily see in this article, the medium “video” helps you enormously in your marketing and provides a conducive and efficient medium. From our experience, we know how much practice and determination it costs to record videos. Nevertheless, we can also tell you it is worth it in every way!


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